The UAS Web Strategy Committee is a consensus-based committee, accountable to the UAS Executive Cabinet, co-led by the regional web designer and web developer. The committee is comprised of representatives from each UAS campus and key regional departments. Three members of the committee have been appointed by the Provost, three by the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, and two each by the Ketchikan and Sitka Campus Directors.

The UAS Web Strategy Committee is responsible for:

  • Analyzing current web strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Setting UAS web operational standards and guidelines
  • Planning and coordinating ongoing web projects
  • Promoting “best-practices”  to department content creators
  • Reviewing future directions and present recommendations to UAS leadership
  • Recommending UAS web policies
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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Blog Designs and Themes

We have moved a step further towards integrating a new blogging interface with our CMS HTML pages. As you see when you click on the link to this blog article it takes you to the UAS Online article page, but it is displayed in a style consitant with the UAS web pages. We have other themes with can mirror campus colors as well.

When we launch the new My Apps tool it will take advantage of the new theme choices and it will be very easy to integrate the blog feed into your CMS generated HTML pages.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Should I Blog?

 Questions to ask yourself before starting a blog.

Why am I blogging?

Should it be a blog?

Will the blog accept comments?

  • Who will monitor the questions?
  • Open to whom? How will you authenticate?
  • If no authentication how will you filter spam?

Is it a blog because you expect to update often and keep readers engaged?

  • Frequency of content? Daily? Hourly? Monthly?
  • Can you commit to a regular content publishing schedule? Do you have enough to say?
  • Is the content temporary or permanent?
  • Who will manage content? Login info? 
  • Original content or aggregating content from elsewhere?
  • Permissions for content (if aggregating)? Image permissions?

Target Audience?

  • Will it be branded UAS?
  • Is it for a public audience? Students? Faculty? Staff?
  • How do users find this  blog?
  • Analytics - How will you collect it?
  • Should they be able to navigate elsewhere?


  • RSS feed?
  • Email notifications?
  • How many posts to show at once?
  • Archives?
  • Tags?

Here are some UAS 'blogs' on Wordpress

- is a blog the right venue for their content?

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