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This is the UAS Porfolio Page for UAS Ultimate Frisbee players.

Please feel free to post invitations to play, suggestions of outings, events, or whatever might be needed. Some will want to use this as a way to ask for rides from the group, and others will post links to information about the game and strategy involved. Invite anyone interested and let's get playing! See you there!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ultimate Intramurals and last chance for outdoor!

Hey guys, just like the subject says, here's the weekly update.


1) Intramurals!! On INDOOR TURF!!

That's right, we're getting rid of the friday 5:30-7:30 playtime to trade up for some turf. We play from 9-11 at the Diamond Park Indoor Turf field (or whatever it's called). It's over amidst the softball fields near the new high school/riverbend.

If you need a ride, bring someone with a car, or check with the rec center about ride options. I'm told they're picking up the bill of taxis if need be, but I don't have any details.


Non-UAS folks are welcome too. Also, even if you can't make it every time, go ahead and register (no cost). It'd be great to have you when you can make it. Might want to note how frequently you can make it so teams can be formed.



2) LAST chance for outdoors - This Sunday 5:00-7:00pm.

Yes, I presume it will be wet.

Heck, it might even be snowing at that point, but it's the last chance till next spring for disc under the open sky and with the excitement of wind. Come on out. Oh, and bring layers.

If you need a ride, grab someone with a vehicle and drag them along, or drop me a line.



3) Monday's = CANCELLED.

Turnout has been shamefully low on Monday night, and so for this week (at least) no more Monday. If you're interested in playing more that Intramurals on fridays after this week, send me a note voting for another evening for indoor play. Oh, and this is also a test to see if people are actually reading this message - heck even if you're not voting on an evening, send me a note - sometimes I just get the sense I post these messages for my own entertainment... Cause I'm funny. Get it? Oh nevermind. Email me.


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