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This is the UAS Porfolio Page for UAS Ultimate Frisbee players.

Please feel free to post invitations to play, suggestions of outings, events, or whatever might be needed. Some will want to use this as a way to ask for rides from the group, and others will post links to information about the game and strategy involved. Invite anyone interested and let's get playing! See you there!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Play Tonight! (Only tonight and Sunday left!)

Andy & Cachey, you're both rockstars.

Everyone else, check out what Andy had to say about pickup ultimate... I'm reposting it to the UAS page for all the non-yahoogroupers out there.


What up Juneau playaS,
Getting closer and closer to the end of outdoor play.
Last sunday was dismall, given the wind and rain combined I can't blame y'all for not coming out.
TONIGHT however looks like decent weather.
and the forcase for this weekend is for BAD weather, so this MAY be our last chance to play outside for a few months.
come one, come all, you know you want to.
8-10 floyd dryden.



And then regarding ultimate Intramurals, Cachet dug up the following:

I talked with Trevor [Erdmann] and here is the scoop:

He's pushing back the start date of Ultimate Intramural the November 1st. Same times, games at 7:30 and 8:30. He told me how to sign up: On the bulletin board is an "Intramural" space with two calendars and two folders. Within the folders are registration forms for individual and team sign ups. He will work with the long-time club folks to organize the individuals into teams so as to have as evenly matched teams as possible. For those who wish to sign up as teams, JUST the team captain will sign his/her team up and Trevor will work with the captains directly who will in turn pass info on to their teams.




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