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This is the UAS Porfolio Page for UAS Ultimate Frisbee players.

Please feel free to post invitations to play, suggestions of outings, events, or whatever might be needed. Some will want to use this as a way to ask for rides from the group, and others will post links to information about the game and strategy involved. Invite anyone interested and let's get playing! See you there!

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Ultimate Tonight!

Hey all,

I hope you've all been enjoying the adventurous weather, and keeping in shape with all the snow removal!  This email will have several components, so please read thoroughly... But I'll try to keep it readable.

1) Happy Birthday Heather Beaudette!

2) Ultimate tonight, Rec Center, 5-7pm
It's likely there will be birthday related antics immediately following... (Shhh, don't tell Heather - What? She's on this mailing list? Shoot!) Feel free to bring activity suggestions for that... Let's make it memorable!
3) Intramurals - Mar 19, same time
As many of you know, the last session of Intramurals were canceled because of a campus closure due to weather. They have been rescheduled for the Monday after spring break (March 19).
4) Spring Break Play (PLEASE READ & REPLY)
During spring break (March 10-18), we can play anytime, EXCEPT:
Saturdays 12:30-2:30
Sundays 12:00-2:00
Monday 5:00-7:00
Thursday 5:00-7:00
Friday (all day, campus is closed)
When would you like to play? (Pick two 2-hour times to play, and send them to me.)
5) Future Play (PLEASE READ & REPLY)
We will still have Fridays, 5-7, throughout the semester, but Mondays will go away after intramurals.

First of all, if I know what everyone's preference is, we might be able to negotiate those times, even if someone else is in them. So, please let me know what your PREFERRED ultimate schedule would be.

Second, in the immediate term, there are a few time slots open for the remainder of the semester, no negotiating required. If it comes down to it, we'll choose another time, but it requires casting a vote. Here's what's available:
Wednesday 5:00-10:00
Friday 5:00 - 7:30
Saturday 2:30-midnight
Sunday 2:00-midnight
Please pick two of these open time slots and send them to me.

Okay, I think that's it. If you can think of anything else, please let me know. Either way, PLEASE REPLY!

See you tonight!
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