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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Opportunities at Mendenhall Visitors Center


Apply now for our summer Interpretive Park Ranger positions.  Our summer seasonal interpretive staff is a team of around 20 folks made up of temporary seasonals, Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns, and permanent seasonals.  Below you’ll find information on how to apply for the temporary seasonal and SCA positions.  Our summer season begins April 16th with 2 weeks of training and end late September. All p 

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 ositions are 40 hours/week and include evening and weekend work.  Government housing is available.


There are two ways to apply for our GS-5 Park Ranger position.


  1. Through USA Jobs at  Below is information to help you search for the position.  A document is also attached for tips on applying via USA Jobs. 


Job Information: GS-0025-05 Park Ranger (Interpretation)


Job Announcement #:  18-TEMP-R10-PRINT-S5DT-AM


Control #:  486063400


Open Date: 13-DEC-2017


Close Date: 19-DEC-2017


You may access this vacancy announcement on the USAJobs website at on the date the jobs open with either the Announcement # or the Control # listed above.

Vacancies will open in USAJobs at 12:00am and close at 11:59:59pm Eastern Time on the dates listed.


  1. If you now, or have you ever lived or worked in or near Juneau, Alaska, you can apply with the ANILCA application attached.  The application includes instructions on how to apply. You are welcome to apply via ANILCA and USAjobs. You do not have to choose one or the other.  This gives you more than one opportunity to make the qualified hiring list.


Job Information: GS-0025-05 Park Ranger (Interpretation)


Job Announcement #:  No announcement #. See attached ANILCA application.


Open Date: 13-DEC-2017


Close Date: 21-DEC-2017



SCA Internship

Just getting started in the field of interpretation? Become an intern at the Mendenhall Glacier. The internships are from April 16th through late September.  As an SCA intern, you will receive a travel allowance to get to and from Juneau, housing at the Forest Service bunkhouse, and a $200 weekly stipend. Visit for more information.  To find the position, go to, scroll down until you see ‘Search Positions’ and then type ‘Mendenhall’ as the key word.  We recommend applying by mid-January but applications later than that might be considered.



Questions?  Please contact me (nolsen@fs.fed.us907-789-6636), Laurie Lamm (llamm@fs.fed.us907-789-6630), or John Neary (jneary@fs.fed.us907-789-6637).


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