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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Wildlife field course opportunity

For immersive field ecology experiences in western Montana . . .

Get Out There! = = = >! (Ctrl click for video)

Summers at Flathead Lake Biological Station, Montana, USA

University of Montana’s Flathead Lake Biological Station is the place to go for high quality and rewarding hands-on learning in all areas of field ecology, taught outside under the open sky. Coupled with contemporary and cutting-edge methods and technologies, the FLBS summer acaemic program offers rich and rigorous field ecology experiences taught by outstanding faculty from UM and beyond.

Courses begin June 25, 2018 and run through August 17, 2018.

For Important Dates and Deadlines, Courses Offered, Scholarships and Logistics information, check the FLBS website at: or a pdf of the brochure at:

We have 12 great courses in both aquatic and terrestrial realms that will be of interest to students ranging from “sophomores-to-be” (Field Ecology) to upperclassmen to early grad students. See flier below for complete course list.

Here are some relevant pieces of info:

-   small class sizes, great faculty, students from around the USA, non-USA students welcome

-   immersive learning, featuring field methods and interactions with natural resource professionals

-   new courses for 2018: “Environmental Sensors: Designing Building and Deploying in the Field” and “Field Methods in Ornithology”

-   earn 1 to 13 credits in 1 to 8 weeks in 300 and 400 level courses, graduate early

-   credits easily transferable to other colleges/universities

-   many scholarships available

-   apply by Jan. 12 for $100 discount, pay in fully by Apr. 30 for $100 discount!

-   easy online application process


Since 1899, the Flathead Lake Biological Station of the University of Montana has been offering transformative field ecology courses in spectacular western Montana.  2018 is going to be the best summer yet!


Students are already applying online at!


Join us on the shores of Flathead Lake for Summer Session 2018!

For summer session inquiries, contact Marie Kohler, or call 406-982-3301 ext. 221.

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