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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

National Great Rivers Research and Educational Center paid internships

The deadline to apply for an NGRREC Internship is Wednesday, January 18th!


The National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) is seeking college students to participate in one of approximately 25 paid internship positions being offered this summer in variety of environmental careers such as ecological research, fisheries science, education, policy, and social science. A summary of the available projects can be found on the application page:


Minimum Requirements

• current college student (community college and junior college students encouraged to apply)

• GPA 3.25 or higher

• Required attendance at Orientation (May 23-26) and Intern Symposium (July 31- Aug 1) if accepted as an intern.

• Submission of all required materials, online, by the application deadline (Jan. 18). 


Required Materials: All application materials must be submitted electronically within the online application form by the January 18 deadline.

• Biographical sketch - Submit a brief statement (100 words or less) about yourself, your interests, and where you see yourself career-wise in 5 years. This information will be included in the August symposium proceedings.

• College transcript - Unofficial copy will suffice as long as your name is clearly visible on the transcript. A screenshot or a typed Word version of your transcript will not be accepted. 

• Resume - Include all relevant coursework, previous employment, internships, and volunteer positions. Organization name, location, and dates should be included.

• Cover letter (optional, but encouraged) - Feel free to include a cover letter outlining what makes you a good candidate for this internship. Include any additional information, such as your career and academic goals, that would help us assess your fit for our internship program.


Important Dates

• Jan. 18: Application Deadline

• May 23-26: Intern Program Short Course (attendance required)

• May 30 - July 28: Summer Internship

• July 31 - Aug. 1: Intern Symposium (attendance required)


Apply now before the January 18 deadline!


For questions or more information, please contact NGRREC Intern Program Coordinator, Natalie Marioni at


Natalie Marioni, Intern Program Coordinator

Director of Environmental Education and Citizen Science

National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (

Ph: 618.468.2783

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