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Monday, December 05, 2016

The Morton Arboretumís Center for Tree Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Morton Arboretum’s Center for Tree Science Undergraduate Research

Students in the Center for Tree Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship
(CTS-URF) program spend ten weeks at The Morton Arboretum under the
mentorship of our Research Scientists and Research Associates. The CTS-URF is
designed to engage undergraduate students in the scientific process through
the completion of an independent research project, falling in one of our
major research areas. Research at the Center for Tree Science is focused on
trees, obviously, but there are many facets to tree science. Students will
have the opportunity to indicate their preference among available mentors at
the Morton Arboretum. Our scientists cover a broad range of topics: basic
tree biology, forest ecology, arboriculture, biomechanics, root biology, soil
science, genetics, phylogenetics, systematics, conservation biology, and
restoration ecology.

Students participate in weekly activities, such as seminars, field trips, and
social events. The program endeavors to promote critical thinking,
independence, self-confidence, perseverance, and group working skills.
Participation in the program will help prepare students for graduate studies
and professional careers in science-related fields. At the end of the
program, students will be required to prepare a scientific poster and give
presentations of their work in a student research symposium at The Morton
Arboretum. The students also interact with peers in similar programs based at
the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Field Museum. More information on the CTS-
URF program can be found at

The 2017 program dates will be June 12 through August 18. Successful
applicants receive a stipend, an opportunity for housing, and a nominal
budget for research. Application review will begin January 1 and continue
through February 24, 2017. Apply for the CTS-URF program HERE. Application
materials to be submitted as one PDF document include:

1. Cover letter (one page maximum), describing why you would like to
participate in the CTS-URF program, your career goals and how this program
will help you meet them, prior research experience (if any), and your mentor
and/or research area preference.
2. Curriculum vitae or resume.
3. Official or unofficial transcripts from your academic institution.

In addition, a letter of reference from an instructor or advisor from your
academic institution should be sent to the following email address:

Please contact with questions.

The Morton Arboretum is an equal opportunity employer committed to achieving
a diverse workforce.

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