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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DRAFT Master Plan Presentation, September 17, 2012


Campus and Community Wide Meetings September 17, 2012
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Please click on the box above to view the power point presentation by Krian Osterby, Director of Campus Planning at Perkins+Will.  The Draft Master Plas was presented  at the Campus Community Council meeting, and the Campus-Wide and Community-Wide Open House meetings that took place throughout the day on Monday, September 17.

This is Perkins+Will  final campus visit and presentation.  Perkins+Will  will now continue work on and incorporate comments into the DRAFT Master Plan "book".  The final DRAFT CAMPUS PLAN will be submitted to the Board of Regents in early November and formally presented at their December meeting. 

If you have further comments or questions, please leave a message below. . .we will respond to all comments, and share them with the Master Planning team.   Thank you for your interest in the future of our campus,  Pua Maunu, UAS Project Manager



#1 Posted by Maren Haavig on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 07:51 PM

Yesterday I attended the Draft Master Plan presentation provided by Krisan Osterby.  Overall, I am extremely excited about the facility improvements and am grateful to the UAS management team for taking a proactive approach to addressing facility issues.  Recent improvements to Auke Lake campus have created a more welcoming and attractive campus.  The pedestrian focused court yard is an excellent example of the student-focused campus UAS is seeking to create. 

While I am thrilled about the future facility improvements at the Auke Lake campus, as a SOM faculty I continue to be nervous that I may not be able to fully appreciate and benefit from them.  Since the presentation at convocation, I have given a lot of thought to what I understand to be two main rationales to our School’s potential move to the BRC:  facilitating external partnerships and SOM’s use of distance course offerings.   I respectfully offer my thoughts on these issues.

In my opinion, our current location on the Auke Lake campus does not present significant obstacles to creating external partnerships and moving to the BRC would not appreciably aid in the development of those partnerships.   Those relationships can be, and are being, created with positive results from our current location.  For example, the accounting program partnered with the State of Alaska Finance Officer’s in the Spring of 2009 to offer accounting courses at convenient times (lunch hours) and locations (State Office Bldg).  We continue to provide these courses and I have personally traveled to the SOB for the past seven semesters.  Also, our accounting program is holding our second annual Accounting Career Night event later this week.  This year our presenters include professionals from State government, private industry, and tribal organizations.    

Another suggestion is that since SOM provides a number of distance course offerings we could do so just as easily from the BRC.  The SOM does provide distance education and I believe it is one of our core competencies.   We also provide a large number of on campus courses which would make shuttling back and forth between the two locations very inconvenient (either faculty to main campus or student to BRC).   I feel strongly that our course offerings (local and distance) are strong because of our co-location with the main campus community.   The connections with Egan Library, the Learning Center, and Student Support services are invaluable to all my courses.   I fear that these connections will not be as strong if our School is located at the BRC.   Just like partnerships with external agencies are important, so are our School’s relationships with internal partners.  I think these latter relationships would at best cease to grow and at worst suffer should the SOM re-locate so far off campus. 

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the draft Master Plan.   I think the work done so far is wonderful and it energizes me to want to do my part to make UAS the best it can be.


Maren Haavig

Assistant Professor of Accounting

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