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Monday, November 05, 2012

UAS Master Plan 2012 - DRAFT "book"

CMP Cover Capture
CMP Cover Capture
Please click on the attached to view the final Campus Master Plan 2012 DRAFT.  The final draft was sent to UA today in accordance with Board of Regents submittal requirements for their review at the December meeting in Fairbanks.  The next step in the process is for UAS to present the Campus Master Plan to the Board of Regents at their December meeting in Fairbanks.   Chancellor John Pugh and Facilities Director Keith Gerken will travel to Fairbanks to present the Draft Master Plan through a power point presentation and discussion with board members.  We plan to submit the final copy for Board approval in February 2013.  

Thank you to everyone that participated with comments, ideas and feedback in preparing this Master Plan over the past 10 months.  Your input was invaluable in creating this document that will guide us in making improvements to the physical campuses over the next 10 years and beyond! 

Please continue to let us know your comments! 

UAS Campus Master Plan Draft 20121105
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UAS Campus Master Plan Draft Appendix
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DRAFT Master Plan Presentation, September 17, 2012


Campus and Community Wide Meetings September 17, 2012
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Please click on the box above to view the power point presentation by Krian Osterby, Director of Campus Planning at Perkins+Will.  The Draft Master Plas was presented  at the Campus Community Council meeting, and the Campus-Wide and Community-Wide Open House meetings that took place throughout the day on Monday, September 17.

This is Perkins+Will  final campus visit and presentation.  Perkins+Will  will now continue work on and incorporate comments into the DRAFT Master Plan "book".  The final DRAFT CAMPUS PLAN will be submitted to the Board of Regents in early November and formally presented at their December meeting. 

If you have further comments or questions, please leave a message below. . .we will respond to all comments, and share them with the Master Planning team.   Thank you for your interest in the future of our campus,  Pua Maunu, UAS Project Manager


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Convocation Power Point Presentation - August 22, 2012

 This is the full power point presented by Krisan Osterby and Laura Lyndegaard of Perkins+Will at UAS Fall Convocation on August 22, 2012.

The Preliminary Campus Plan is on the weblog entry below, as well at the schedule for the weeks activities.

Please leave your comments!

Presentation Agenda
Presentation Agenda
Full Power Point Presentation at Convocation
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