Stairs (Jan 10)

Friday, January 10, 2014

UAS FH Construction Update for 1/10/2014


We have been climbing ladders for the past couple of months in the UAS Freshman Residential Housing project.  The ladder was a good invention, it makes much safer to climb trees to pick apples or climb to the top of the house to get the cat.  However, climbing back down the ladder with a basket full of apples or an ungrateful cat is not all that safe.  Now stairs was a great invention.  Stairs are much easier climb and they leave your hands free to carry a bag of groceries.  Stairs are also much safer to climb than ladders or even steep pathways. This increased safety is why in project site plans we design in a set of stairs any time a sidewalk or pathway gets steeper than 8%. 

The first known set of stairs date back to 6000 B.C.  The first known spiral staircase appear in 470 B.C. at a temple in Selinunte Sicily.  The longest stairway is adjacent to the Niesenbahn Funicular railway near Spiez Switzerland with 11,674 steps.  The Penrose staircase has 14 steps, but gets you nowhere.  The Juneau Federal Building has 120 stairs and our UAS Freshman Housing has 72 stairs.

I carry a set of plans and camera around the project site and was very happy to see the Contractor installing the stairways this week.  I think that stairs is a great invention.  Although some may argue that the escalator or elevator is a better invention. We have no escalators in the UAS Freshman Housing project and the elevator will not be installed for several more months.  So today we can just take a minute and appreciate the great invention of stairs.


2014_01_10 Stairway in Commons
2014_01_10 Stairway in Commons

UAS Freshman Residence Stairs


2014_01-10_Penrose Staircase
2014_01-10_Penrose Staircase

Penrose Stairs


2014_01_10 Freshman Housing
2014_01_10 Freshman Housing

UAS Freshman Residence Housing Jan 2014




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