Winter Solstice (Dec 20)

Friday, December 20, 2013

UAS FH Construction Update for 12/20/2013

Winter Solstice

It was dark when we came into work this morning and it will be dark when we will go home this evening. 

Cheer-up! tomorrow is Winter Solstice and the days will be getting longer.  All that darkness can get you down and make you wonder why we live so far north.  

However, then when we have a sunrise like we had this morning, it makes it all worth it.  

Daybreak 12_20_2013
Daybreak 12_20_2013

This is the sunrise that greeted us in front of the Facilities Annex.  The pinks and purples of the sunrise and the full moon was a sight to behold.  




Room 354B
Room 354B

This morning’s view from room 354B of the Freshman Residence Housing.  Makes you glad you woke up this morning.



Three Stories Up
Three Stories Up

 The Contractor has framed up another floor to Residence Hall II and only has one more floor to go on Hall II. The snow has slowed them down a little, but they are still making good progress.  They will continue to work over the Christmas break in order to keep on schedule.  Let’s all thank the construction crew for working hard on this project so our UAS freshmen will have a great place to live. 

Merry Christmas


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