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Friday, September 19, 2014

How many LED's (Sep 19)

UAS Construction Update for 9/19/2014

How many LED’s

How many Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s ) does it take to light the UAS parking lot and access road?  I hope that only I have been staying up late at night wondering about this question.  Today we get to know the answer.  One LED from your headlamp is bright enough to illuminate the trail in front of you.  However, it is not bright enough to illuminate a whole street.  Therefore, light manufacturers just keep adding LED’s until they have enough light to illuminate a street, parking lot or building.  The street lights being used on our project have 4 rows of LED’s with xx in each row.  We have 53 street lights on this project.  The number of LED’s is calculated as follows:

                      (4-rows)(10 LED/row)(53-poles) =  2,120 - LED’s

LED Street Light Fixture

LED Street Light Fixture




The contractor working on our UAS site lighting project has now installed all but a couple of the new street lights.  If you come in early or leave late, you have noticed that more and more lights get turned on each day.

New LED Street Light on Auke Lake Way

Street Light




Keep a watch out next week for the Contractor installing smaller pathway light poles along the Auke Lake Way sidewalk and the pathway down to the roundabout.  We will let one of our new UAS freshmen figure out how many LED’s it takes to light the pathway.

Pathway Light Pole Foundation

Pathway Light Foundation




Pathway to Soboleff Building:  The Contractor got notice this morning that the asphalt paving crew will be here today!   The Contractor will need to do some additional work after the paving, but hopefully we will have this pathway back open soon.

UAS Freshman Housing. 

Next week we will see a couple of man-lifts working around the outside of the new UAS Freshman Housing while they complete the metal siding around the windows and corners of the building.  This work is expected to take several weeks.




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