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Friday, September 05, 2014

Transformation from Building to Home (Sep 5)

UAS FH Construction Update for 9/05/2014

Transformation from Building to a Home (September 5)

UAS Freshman over the past 10 days have been transforming the new UAS Freshman Residence hall from a wonderful building into a comfortable and exciting home.  This will be their home for the next x months and I have been impressed with how quickly the project went from a construction zone into a living zone.  Orange vests and hard hats have been replaced with clean trendy outfits and stylish hair.  The Noise of Chop saws and screw guns have been replaced with energetic talking and laughter.  Blank cork boards have been livened up with invitations to campus activities of live concerts and painting the northern lights.  Freshly painted walls are now decorated with photos of family, posters of Seahawks and the latest music groups.

Lively Bulletin Board

Bulliten Board



Inspiring Entrance Murals




The Contractor continues to work on some final punch list items in the commons area and mechanical rooms.  Next week the Contractor will be installing the large glass wall that separates the fifth floor seminar/class room and the commons area on the 4th floor.  These panes of glass are ten feet tall and are fully tempered.  They will also be installing the final glass windows in the front of the building.   UAS and the Contractor are working diligently to minimize the disruptions and inconveniences to our UAS Freshmen while these remaining items get completed.

Contractor Exterior Grading

Exterior Grading

UAS Freshmen started entering the new Residence Hall on August 27th.  Many of the local news communities produced excellent stories on the project.  Here are some links to those stories:


Facebook – UAS Facebook page:

KTOO and reporter Lisa Phu:

Juneau Empire and reporter Katie Moritz

UAS website also links/posts all of the news articles about UAS at:


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