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Friday, August 29, 2014

Making it Better for the Next Generation (August 29)

UAS FH Construction Update for 8/29/2014

Making it Better for the Next Generation (August 29)

The UAS Freshman Residential Housing came to life this week with over 100 new UAS Freshmen.  The smiles, excitement and enthusiasm of our new UAS freshmen have been a wonderful thing to witness as they checked into their new suites and start another chapter in their life.   The most frequent comment from parents was “What a beautiful building, I never lived in student housing that was this nice”.

                                                  New UAS Freshman Residential Housing

Opening Day


Parents of our UAS freshmen, including myself, went to school in a student dorm made from solid concrete, painted with lead based paint with cold steel doors.  They looked a lot more like army barracks than college & university student housing.   Most people work their whole life Making it Better for the Next Generation.   Weather it is a Parent, Teacher, Artist, Biologist, Nurse or Law Enforcement Officer; we are working to make it better for the Next Generation.

The UAS Freshman Residential Housing project has been in the works for more than a decade and hundreds of people have contributed to its completion and operation.  I have only been involved in this project for over one year and it has been my honor to do my small part as UAS construction representative.  I would like to thank those who have made this project a reality including:

UAS Administration

Local Elected Officials – Funding

UAS Staff

UAS Faculty

Design Team:

MRV Architects

Murray & Associates – Mechanical

Haight & Associates – Electrical

R&M – Civil

PDC – Structural

Greenbush Group – Acoustical


ASRC McGraw Constructors – General

Schmolck Mechanical – Plumbing

Schmolck – Ventilation Duct Work

Harri Plumbing & Heating – Sprinkler System

Chatham Electric – Electrical

Siemens – Building Controls

UAS IT Staff – Connection to the world

Doaks Lock and Key

Admiralty Construction Inc. – Civil Site Work

Hardrock Construction – Siding

Rainbow Builders – Carpet and Linoleum

Alaska Acoustical - Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

American Painting – Paint

Coble’s Painting – Paint

All Wall Construction – Paint

ASRC McGraw Hoonah All Stars – Sheet Rock

Northern Lights Development – Concrete Sidewalks

Otis – Elevator

CBC Construction – Roofing

Simplex-Grinnell – Fire Alarm & Security

All Wire Electric – Controls

F&F – Sheet Rock, also tape mud and paint

Secon – Paving

Gibson Door – Door and Hardware Installation

Perseverance Glass- Glass and Curtain wall installation

All of the men and women in these companies have worked long and hard hours  Making it Better for the Next Generation of UAS Freshmen.  

Thank you all again!





Smiling Faces2

Smiling Faces3

Check out the smiling UAS freshman faces the UAS Facebook page:


Check out the nice article and photos from the Thursdays Juneau Empire have on the project.


Next week KTOO will highlight a cover story on our UAS Freshman Residential Housing project.

Look for it on the cover website of:

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