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Friday, August 22, 2014

Cramming for Finals (August 22)

UAS FH Construction Update for 8/22/2014

Cramming for Finals (August 22)

Cramming for finals brings back memories of stacks of books, binders of class notes, long days in class room studies, long nights at the library and the ever present feeling the pressure that there was way too much to learn in short amount of time.   

The Construction crew and Design team have been cramming for finals for quite some time now and with only 4 days left before UAS Freshmen start checking into the new UAS Freshman Residential Hall.  Just like UAS students cramming for finals, the Construction crew has been working long days and weekends.  Unlike college students the contractor has other options available to meet the deadline.  Some of the options the contractor has chosen to use include:

  • Hiring more tradesmen.  There have been many days when over 40 workers have been inside completing the building.
  • Providing incentives to tradesmen to continue to work faster and longer.  The empty pizza boxes are stacking up.
  • Creatively negotiating with the barge company when part of our furniture ended up in Sitka.
  • Providing a temporary material, until the final material can be shipped and installed.

And, lots of express shipping and air freight.  Several 20 foot long sections of aluminum window framing came up missing.  The missing pieces had to be re-manufactured in Springdale Arkansans.  Springdale does not have an air freight carrier that can handle a 20 foot long item.  In fact the contractor called all the major air freight companies and none of them would take a 20 foot long item.  However, our own Alaska Airlines said they could handle the 20-foot long window frames.  The nearest Alaska Airlines destination is St. Louis Missouri, 350 miles from Springdale Arkansas.

To ensure the window frames made all of their connections, the Contractor send down one of their superintendents to ride shot-gun.  On a sunny day, the drive from Springdale to St Louis takes 4-5 hours.  But, during tornado season it took them nearly twice that long driving in, impenetrable rains, blinding lighting and high winds.  The missing window frames made it on August 11 and are now installed in the north glass wall stairwell.

Aluminum Window Frames at the End of a Long Trip.

End of Long Ride


I once thought that after I graduated there would be no more cramming for finals.  Life quickly taught me that there are always deadlines, schedules and final completion dates.   We are all excited to see the new UAS Freshman Residential Housing building be ready enough for a new batch of UAS Freshmen to walk through the doors on Wednesday morning, August 27, 2014.


Furniture in General Purpose Room patiently waiting for wood trim around room.

Common Furniture



General Purpose Kitchen

Common Kitchen



Room 403 Door, and New Sign

Room 403



Room 403 Refrigerator, Microwave & Cabinets

Room 403 Fridge



Room 403 View

Room 403 View





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