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Friday, July 18, 2014

Building of a Different Color- Part 2 (July 18)

UAS FH Construction Update for 7/18/2014

Building of a Different Color – Part 2  (July 18)

My idea to keep the utilitarian color of the building (see weblog March 7) was dismissed as Engineering technobabble.  This week you can really see the Architect’s building color selection.  The main building color is “Champagne Metallic” on a corrugated metal panel.  The interesting thing about this color and material is the different shades of color the building emit depending if it is sunny, cloudy, morning or evening.  The tall corner pilasters and building ends are Hemlock Green” on a metal panel that has a small relief pattern.  The roof trim is a wide “Classic Green” edge flashing with a “Copper Penny” accent strip. 

This morning’s photo makes it easy to see why the Architect gets to make the color selections and not the Engineer.

Building of a Different Color July 18, 2014

Champain Siding


The Contractor has also been working the past week in the metal framing for the glass curtain walls that covers the face of the commons area and encloses the stairwells.  The curtain wall is constructed from an aluminum frame that is stick built on site and fastened to the building.  Once the frame is set, large triple-pain-argon-filled windows will be set in the frame openings and then secured in place with additional aluminum framing members.   Notice that the color of these frames are copper penny, to match the accent strip going around the roof line.   Even I, have to admit that Architects make our community a much better looking place to live.

Aluminum Curtain Wall Framing Members

Aluminum Framing



View from 4th floor class/conference room.

Curtian Wall Window Frame



All of that Metal Siding and Curtain Wall Framing is installed by construction workers in a man-lift.  This month there have been 4-6 lifts on site. But one day, we had six man-lifts on site.

Six Man-Lifts on site!

Six Man-Lifts



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