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Friday, July 11, 2014

UP's and DOWN's of Construction

UAS FH Construction Update for 7/11/2014

UP’s and DOWN’s of Construction (July 11)

During construction projects, we hope everything is UP and nothing is DOWN.  However, this week we were all glad to see dozens of UP’s and DOWN’s when the Contractor completed the installation of the Elevator.  The Elevator subcontractor, Otis Elevator Co, showed up on the project site a couple of weeks ago and brought with them lots of cool tools to install the elevator.


Elevator Shaft


Elevator Workers PUlly


Elevator Workers Pulley – Used to lift up Steel Elevator Railing

One of the first was what every Engineer and Physics student loves is the simple rope and pulley.  The first year in Engineering 101, I was amazed to learn that with enough rope and pulleys I could lift by hand a full 10-yard cement truck. The second year in Engineering 101, I was disappointed to learn that there is no such thing as a frictionless rope and pulley.  This means that it does not take long before all of my strength pulling on a rope is used up by friction in the pulley and rope itself.  So in real life, using real rope and pulleys, you can typically only 6 – 10 times your own lifting capacity.



Elevator 4-way Laser

Elevator 4-Way Laser



Elevator Laser Target

Elevator Laser Target

Second neat tool was their laser alignment tool.  Most construction crews on the construction site have a laser that casts a horizontal or vertical line.  The Elevator crew had a fancy laser tool that cast four way vertical columns.  Using small laser targets, they used this laser tool to align up the four corners of the elevator travel.   With a little fog machine, the elevator shaft could have looked like one of those spy movies with all of the security alarm lasers.


Elevator Door

Elevator Door – Floor 3

Third is the elevator itself.  What a neat invention where  you can walk into a small room, push a button and then walk out on a different floor of a tall building.  Our furniture crew will be particularly appreciative of the elevator so they don’t have to haul beds, dressers and refrigerators up 4 flights of stairs.


The Contractor continues to work on other parts of the building.  The suites have all been painted out in Hall II with lights and cabinets installed in the top two floors.  A wood acoustical ceiling has been installed in the vaulted ceilings of the community and conference rooms.  The electrical subcontractor continues to pull miles of blue communication cables throughout the building.  Look for glass store front framing to start appearing next week.


Room 451C

Room 451C - Painted and Trimmed out.

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