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Friday, June 20, 2014

Closed Doors (June 20)

UAS FH Construction Update for 6/20/2014

Closed Doors (June 20)

Closed Doors are often associated with something negative.  However, the doors inside the New Freshman Housing Suites are so beautiful; Closed Doors can only be associated with the great and amazing things in life.   Check out how good just a couple of these Closed Doors look.

Closed Door – Suite 451C                                                  Closed Door  Suite 451B


Door Suite 451C

Door Suite 451B

The doors are made by VT Industries in Iowa.  VT Industries have used a multiple layer construction method for the doors in the UAS Freshman Residential Housing project.  They start with a core consisting of a Structural Composite Lumber then add a layer of High Density Fiber (HDF) crossband and then a finish layer of real Hickory wood. More information than you ever thought possible about doors can be found at VT Industries website:

The real Hickory wood naturally varies in pattern and shade which makes each door different and unique.  Just like every UAS student that will be living in the Freshman Residential Hall. 

Closed Door – Suite 351B

Door Suite 351B


Besides a beautiful wood surface to enjoy, I have found many other positive benefits of Closed Doors including; keeping the warm air inside, keeping flying mosquitos outside, making it dark to sleep at night, physically defining my personal space, shutting out the sound of my brothers choices in music and locking out pesky little sisters. 

So whether you like open doors or Closed Doors, we can all be happy that the Architect selected a beautiful hickory door and that the Contractor has installed doors in the top two floors of Hall II. 


Closed Door – Suite 454B

Door Suite 454B



The Contractor continues to make progress with sheet rocking, painting and connecting the electrical and mechanical systems.  The building entry canopy is ready for roofing and the building metal siding will soon be visible on the north-west corner of the building.


UAS Freshman Housing – Entrance Canopy

UAS FH June 19




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