bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
  Welcome to "Opportunities for UAS Students in Environmental Sciences and Geography.  This is a networking and publicizing tool for students, faculty, staff and employers.  We welcome postings for prospective events, seasonal and long term employment, internships, scholarships, and academic opportunities.  Tell your friends and send in submissions to be posted. Contact Sanjay Pyare or Eran Hood to submit postings.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Volunteer abroad for Geog majors

GoEco is providing global volunteering opportunities for university students, faculty, and staff of Geography. Volunteers can choose from a variety of placements focusing on animal and environmental research and data collection, using their knowledge and skills to provide a personal contribution. Discover South Africa with the Johannesburg Wildlife Sanctuary<>. Combine extreme sports with volunteering on the Mexico – Diving for Marine Conservation<> program or become a camp counsellor in Israel at the Multicultural Eco Summer Camps<>.


SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg Wildlife Sanctuary<>
Live among Africa's spectacular wildlife while volunteering at the Wildlife Sanctuary. A refuge for at-risk or injured animals, the sanctuary allows volunteers to work alongside staff, caring for and consistently improve the quality of life for the animals. Volunteers can choose to either focus on a particular species or work on one of the many construction programs. These include creating firebreaks, a vulture kitchen, enclosure construction, and other conservation initiatives that may be in place.


Click here for more information<>



Click here for more information!<>

MEXICO: Diving for Marine Conservation<>
Discover the unique biodiversity of Pez Maya in this fantastic volunteer placement. Not only will volunteers come out as certified PADI divers but you will also gain a hands-on, practical field experience in environmental conservation. The project works to get volunteers out on as many dives as possible and though days on the research boat can be long there is plenty of spare time for fun dives and exploring! There is also a component of community outreach and education making this an extremely dynamic placement.


ISRAEL: Multicultural Eco Summer Camp<>
Mughar, located in northern Israel and overlooking the Sea of Galilee, is a diverse town with a long and rich history. With this being the third year running, the camp as proven its success as a great opportunity for Druze, Christian, and Muslim kids to learn and play together in a unique summer program. Join a group of local staff and international volunteers to teach environmental education, arts, sports, and English. Volunteers will have the chance to use their initiative and personal skills to create innovative ways of teaching and interacting with the kids. Discover


Click here for more information<>

Programs Include:
● Accommodations
● Full board
● Full pre-departure & in-country assistance, training, and support

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Volunteer Feedback
Bexsyra, a GoEco volunteer at the Multicultural Eco Summer Camp, wrote a post on our volunteer blog about her experience in Israel.  Here's an excerpt:

"The most exciting part about my journey was learning about the different cultures and religions. You can read about such things or watch them on TV but it is nothing like experiencing them first hand. I think it's very important to learn that there are people in this world who were raised differently from you, have different religions, eat different kinds of food but yet you can still relate to them in so many ways."

Read Bexsyra's story on the GoEco Blog<>


Project Updates and Exciting News
Like GoEco's fan page on Facebook<> and follow us on Twitter<> for exciting updates and promotions! Also head over to our GoEco Blog<> to read posts by our volunteers about their personal experiences or check out exciting project and volunteer videos on our YouTube Channel<>.

Happy volunteering,

The GoEco Team

US Tel: +1 (917) 477-3931
UK Tel: +44 (20) 8133-8041<><>

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