bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Expedition-based course in SE AK- Tatoosh School

UAS GEOG majors can get credit for these courses!

Join us for field study, research and adventure in Alaska’s Inside Passage this summer! Earn upper division and major applicable credit with the Tatoosh School!

 We still have a few spots left on each of our six-week expedition-based courses (June 25-August 3 & August 6-September 13). Paddling from the outer coast, across the great delta of the Stikine river and up into ice-filled fiords provides a hands-on understanding of the unique conditions in America’s largest National Forest, and the dynamic communities that depend upon the richness of the rainforest.

 While in the field, we experience the cause and effect of natural history and ecology and resource management decisions hand-in-hand, with curricula woven together in a balanced way. Local partnerships provide opportunities for real-time ecological monitoring and guided studies as part of larger and long-term research and restoration projects.

Course Descriptions:

 Natural History & Ecology of Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska encompasses the Alexander Archipelago – composed of more than 5,000 islands – and a narrow strip of mountainous mainland, split by glacial fiords and major river systems. The land is home to an array of plant and animal life, and is considered the front lines of study in island biogeography. This course will explore the natural environment from the nearshore intertidal zone to the high alpine, examining the adaptations and relationships of organisms to their environments over time and space. 

 People, Politics & Policy of Southeast Alaska

This course explores the political landscape of Southeast Alaska. Topics include land ownership, public and private land management, conservation strategies, local and regional economies, Alaska Native cultures, land settlements, and corporate structures, and current resource management issues. A focus is placed on the evolution of social and legal structures, and how those structures guide current decision-making. Inquiry and reason are applied to real-life challenges, and students engage with citizens and policymakers to consider solutions. 

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 Or call our office (503.347.2599)

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