bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The annual fall Hello, and DEC position

You may have been added to this ENVS/GEOG weblog because of your enrollment in one of those courses.  We use this to post interships, scholarships, job postings and misc. announcements related to the Environmental Science and Geography programs, their students and alumni.  Welcome!  If you wish to unsubscribe, see the link at the bottom of this message. 



    DEC’s Prevention and Emergency Response Program (PERP) is extending the application period in search of the right applicant to: safeguard Alaska’s resources from oil and hazardous substance releases; manage PERP’s websites; use Microsoft Access to help produce summary reports, and maintain PERP’s databases as an Environmental Program Specialist III in Juneau.  This lucky person will join PERP’s Preparedness Section and will:

-        become PERP’s webmaster;

-        become the primary point-of-contact for maintaining and disseminating HAZMAT chemical inventory information;

-        oversee and manage the Department’s “Oil and Hazardous Substance Spills” database;

-        assist spill responders by managing GIS-based geospatial programs;

-        participate in scheduled industry drills by serving as our webmaster, public information officer, liaison, or similar roles within the Incident Command System structure;

-        augment PERP’s Emergency Response personnel for statewide release events that become too large for the primary responders to manage alone.

Still reading?  Then you should check out the full job announcement on Workplace Alaska ( under Job #: 02000 or position control number: 18-7595.  The application period closes on September 16th at 5:00 p.m., so good luck.

    Rick Bernhardt

Also, we’ve listed knowledge, skills, and experience that our “ideal” candidate would possess, but as long as an applicant has strong skills designing and updating web pages, and can design and run queries in MS Access, we could train them to perform other functions on the job.   

Richard R. Bernhardt, PhD
Preparedness Section Manager
Preparedness and Emergency Response Program
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Ph:  (907) 269-7683
Fax:  (907) 269-7648

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