bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Emerging Leaders Dialogue- Sitka, May 13-15

The Institute of the North is pleased to announce the 2010 Emerging Leaders Dialogue, May 13-15 in Sitka, Alaska. This dynamic event follows up on our two previous Emerging Leaders Dialogues, held in Girdwood and at Chena Hot Springs Resort, each of which engaged participants from across the state in discussion of public policy issues facing Alaska. As a non-partisan, non-attributive venue, the Dialogue has a long history of bringing Alaska’s business, policy and social leaders together to deliberate upon some of the most pressing issues facing the state.

The theme of this year’s Emerging Leaders Dialogue, “Alaska’s Islands: Communities, Regions and People Interconnected,” will focus on how many of our communities are supported by internal assets, at the same time issues facing all Alaskans connect people and communities to each other. In Sitka, more than100 young leaders will focus their presentations, small group work and dialogue on:

·         building and maintaining a process for strong local governance;

·         supporting our systems of education, and creating new ones;

·         identifying the seeds that must be planted for a diversified economy;

·         developing our understanding of natural resource utilization, development and conservation; and,

·         refining the way we engage with internal (for Alaskans) and external (for export) energy development.

Throughout the Dialogue, we will reflect on these issues in ways that highlight both their independence and interconnectedness at the community, regional, state, national and global levels. For each issue, small groups will be asked to respond to established leaders’ questions and present a final product that will add value to planning efforts around the state.

The Institute of the North’s 2010 Emerging Leaders Dialogue will accomplish much broader objectives as well. One of the core benefits, demonstrated consistently since the Institute launched the first Alaska Dialogue in 2000, is the chance for networking and peer mentoring and leadership. Past attendees have said that the relationships formed at the Dialogue are extremely valuable.


Above all, in recognizing the responsibility each Alaskan has to community and state, the Dialogue provides the opportunity to engage with one another while respecting and valuing differing perspectives. This is an opportunity to share who you are and what you believe in with others who care about this state.


This Dialogue is designed especially for young Alaskans ages 21 to 40 who are good at what they do and have demonstrated a capacity for leadership and commitment to the state and community. The Institute recognizes the strong role that you play in your community. Please feel free to contact Brit DelMoral if you would like to participate as a mentor, facilitator or speaker; and/or if you have other emerging leaders in mind for this event.

We are very excited about your participation and look forward to seeing you in Sitka.

Nils Andreassen
Managing Director
Institute of the North
509 West Third Avenue, Suite 107
Anchorage, AK 99501
phone 907 771-2448
cell 907 351-4982
fax 907 771-2466

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