bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Outdoor Educators/Naturalists- Discovery Southeast


Discovery Southeast is hiring outdoor educators to lead hands-on nature education classes and programs. We are hiring for three positions, which may be combined by interested applicants:

LEAD NATURALISTS are the senior staff responsible for coordinating and leading classes. The classes primarily target grades 3-5, and take place in school classrooms and on outdoor field trips. Lead naturalists also lead occasional day trips, spending a day in the field with a small class.

Using curriculum developed from Discovery Southeast's 25 year history of providing nature education, and in coordination with classroom teachers, lead naturalists plan and teach lessons designed to awaken children to a comfort and connection with nature, and a better understanding of the natural world. Besides engaging children's curiosity and senses, lead naturalists are responsible for classroom management and keeping a classroom of students safe.

The position is part-time, following the school calendar. Concentrated teaching periods during the fall, winter, and spring tend to be typical, as the naturalist coordinates classes and field trips per season for each 3-5 grade classroom. The hours might average 10 hours per week. Pay ranges from $18 to $23/hour, depending on experience. Lead naturalists should have teaching experience and be competent students of nature. For program continuity, it is important that lead naturalists intend to be stable in the position for several years.

ASSISTANT NATURALISTS co-lead the above-described classes under the supervision of a lead naturalist, and have input into program development if desired. Applicants should have teaching and outdoor experience. Assistant naturalists can, over time, become lead naturalists. The position is part-time at $15/hour.

SENIOR SUMMER CAMP COUNSELORS co-lead our nine-week day camp for elementary children. (A separate program director designs and coordinates camp programs, with input from counselors.) Counselors should be comfortable teaching, engaging, and keeping safe a group of about a dozen elementary age students (ages 7-12), and should be comfortable being outdoors in all weather for 6-8 hours at a time. Applicants should have experience teaching and leading nature-oriented outdoor activities. Pay ranges from $18 to $23/hour. The position can be full-time or part-time, or full-time for only part of the summer. First aid certification must be complete by the start date.

Please apply by sending a cover letter and resume, or other application material you prefer, to Shawn Eisele at



You are welcome to send questions to the same address.


  • Location: Juneau
  • Compensation: $15-23 per hour


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