bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
  Welcome to "Opportunities for UAS Students in Environmental Sciences and Geography.  This is a networking and publicizing tool for students, faculty, staff and employers.  We welcome postings for prospective events, seasonal and long term employment, internships, scholarships, and academic opportunities.  Tell your friends and send in submissions to be posted. Contact Sanjay Pyare or Eran Hood to submit postings.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

2nd GEOG/ENGL candidate, Haida Gwaii Semester in B.C.; NASA opportunities

Come see the second of four GEOG/ENGL candidates, Janelle Schwartz, Tuesday 1/28 3:30-4:30 in the Glacier View Room.  Her title is "Inch by Inch:  An Ecological Reading of Worms in Literature, Science, and Art."

See attached CV.

Schwartz CV
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The Haida Gwaii Semester is an integrated field program for students from across North America based out of the beautiful (and currently very sunny) north coast of British Columbia.
I’m again trying to get the word out about our natural resource science semester for this coming fall (2014) and our semester in natural resource studies for winter 2015, and I would appreciate if you could send the information enclosed in this email out to faculty and students in Environmental Science and Geography at UAS.
Thank you once more for your assistance!

Linnaea Fyles
Program Assistant
Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society
PO Box 927, Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0

Interested in an exciting educational opportunity?
Study natural resources in a living classroom inspired by the communities, environments, and people of Haida Gwaii!
Currently accepting applications for 2014:
Winter semester in Natural Resource Studies (Jan-Apr) & fall semester in Natural Resource Science (Sept-Dec).
Course credits (15) are awarded by UBC and the program is open to students of Canadian and international universities, from across disciplines.
For more information watch a short video or contact us directly!
See the fall and winter posters.
HGHES Fall Poster2014
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HGHES Winter Poster2014
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NASA and Alaska Space Grant internship and fellowship applications are due soon.  Dean Sousa reminds those interested that it's not limited to just STEM students.  Journalism, media arts, and history majors should consider too. NASA and Alaska Space Grant are particularly interested in supporting women and underrepresented minority students. 
NASA offers professional development and leadership opportunities to students with various backgrounds and career aspirations of critical importance to the National aerospace program through their Academy and Internship programs.  Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and other majors that lend support to NASA's mission in special project areas such as but not limited to accounting, business, public administration, journalism, history, photography and media arts are encouraged to apply.  The application process varies from center to center and with the different opportunities. Summer 2014 Academy and Internship programs are posted on the Alaska Space Grant website
The deadlines vary between February 10 and March 15

Rebecca Lees
Program Development Specialist
Alaska Space Grant/NASA EPSCoR Programs
207 Duckering Building
Fairbanks, AK  99775-5919
Phone:  907-474-6833
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