bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ENVS/GEOG News, JIRP position

ENVS Geogrpahy News is updated and is on the Links page for both majors click here for the pdf.



 The Juneau Icefield Research Program has need for a logistical agent who will function as an important link between icefield operations and commercial providers in the Juneau area.  This position carries significant responsibilities, although it requires no special training.

The logistical agent will provide radio base station support for a group of approximately 25 persons working on the Juneau Icefield, and function as an independent contractor, not an employee. The agent will be paid on an hourly basis with no taxes withheld.  There are no benefits beyond hourly compensation.  Similar employment may be possible in future years.

A Suburban equipped with a Motorola 2Way FM radio will be provided. Depending on weather conditions it may be necessary drive to an alternate location in order to receive an acceptable radio signal.

Fundamental to this position is daily (including Sunday) radio communications with camps on the icefield.  This takes take place every morning at 9am and typically last 20-40 minutes.  In addition, there is an evening “radio check” at 7pm that usually lasts 5-15 minutes.  During radio contact the logistics agent will typically be asked to do the following:
a)      purchase food items (primarily at Costco) conveyed by radio
b)      deliver same to Coastal Helicopters and place the on pallets ready for transport,
c)      occasionally purchase non-food items, such as building materials, electrical supplies, hardware, and the like
d)      transport items returned to Coastal Helicopter from the icefield for repair or replacement ,and then return these to Coastal
e)      transfer empty propane tanks for refilling, and
f)      take radio gear for repair.

The logistical agent will also greet arriving personnel at airport and transport them to either the University of Alaska housing (assist w/ check-in as required) or to Coastal Helicopter for scheduled flights to icefield.   Similarly, personal will be transferred to the Juneau Airport for departing flights.

The logistical agent must be a responsible, mature person willing and ability to be flexible and adjust to unpredictable circumstances that may arise, and have good oral communication skills.  The ability to prioritize different tasks in an expeditious manner along with some knowledge of things mechanical would be helpful, or at least be willing to ask for clarification when necessary.

Duration: June 22 - August 10, 2011
We estimate that the required activity will consume approximately 20 hours per week.  While there will be days when the only requirement will be to make radio contact, there will occasionally be days when the logistical agent may be busy for several consecutive hours. This most often occurs due to changing weather conditions, availability of aircraft at Coastal helicopter, and other similar factors.

JIRP has a formal helicopter schedule for the entire summer.  However, it must remain flexible based on weather and emergencies that may arise.  This translates into being “on call” occasionally for extended periods of times.

$10-12 per hour depending on qualifications.

Generally speaking this is a relatively easy job that includes a high level of responsibility.  There will be a few days in which weather and/or changes related to the icefield schedule will be somewhat stressful.  You will also be an ambassador for JIRP, serving as the eyes and ears to the greater Juneau community. This job best suites individuals who would enjoy interacting with JIRP staff, faculty, and the Juneau associates.

Application for this position will require a letter of introduction, brief CV (resume), and the name of a person who may be contacted as a personal reference.

For application and or further information contact either,

Gary Linder


P, Jay Fleisher

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