bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 things

1. One student TA needed to staff the Multidisciplinary Lab in HB105 this semester.  It pays $10.50/hr and requires 8 hrs a week.  See Mike for more details.

2. Girls on ice!  There is a FREE mountaineering and science camp for high school girls.  It's put on by faculty from UAF and is hosted in Mt. Baker WA.  If you know of girls that may be interested please refer them to

3.  The Energy Action Coalition wants to recruit 2 UAS students to attend a climate action conference called Power Shift. (see below)

Hi, my name is Shelley Alingas and I'm the Mountain & West States Regional Field Organizer with Energy Action Coalition.  I am writing to ask for your help in sending University of Alaska Southeast students to an amazing national student conference about global warming that is taking place this spring
The conference, called Power Shift, will teach an expected 12,000 participating high school and college students about the solutions to global warming and how they can put those solutions into practice on campus, in the community, and in the political arena. Power Shift’s agenda includes a mixture of issue briefings from the nation’s leading scientists and policy experts, trainings on organizing and advocacy from some of the most successful practitioners, an “opportunities fair” featuring some of the country’s leading environmental employers, and built-in networking opportunities for attendees.

Our goal is to send 2 University of Alaska Southeast students to Power Shift and I’m hoping you can help with any or all of the following:

  • Sponsor one or more students to attend the conference.
  • Forward the email below to any class, group or department listservs.
  • Recommend a student to be a Power Shift Coordinator and lead the charge
  • Make an announcement in your class.
  • Ask your colleagues to do any or all of the above as well.

Are you able to help? You can contact me at 202-455-8143 or





Thank you so much for your help!



Shelley Alingas

Mountain & West States Regional Field Organizer


Power Shift 2011


Energy Action Coalition

w. 202.455.8143


c. 619.944.9195

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