bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Last Dispatch: RA opportunity, Trout Unlimited Intern

Last Dispatch for the semester and for me as I'm leaving UAS on to mossier meadows. This weblog will still be maintained by Sanjay Pyare and Eran Hood so send them your opportunities.


I am looking for a undergraduate research assistant for this summer to work with me on two projects.

1.Explore development of Best Management Practices for cruise tourism in Arctic, Alaska

2.Summarize the national and international legal and regulatory frameworks for management of North Pacific fisheries

Duties will include online and library research and writing.

This position will run from early May through late August for up to 40 hrs/week. This position pays $9.51 to $13.55 per hour depending on qualification. Please encourage interested students to contact me and to apply to:

Keith Criddle


Trout Unlimited is hiring for a solid intern to work primarily on the Salmon Beyond Borders campaign this summer.

Ideally, we’re hoping for someone who has an interest in conservation, a versatile skill-set (someone who is comfortable managing a Facebook page and comfortable talking to crusty old fishermen), and wants the experience of working on a campaign.  

Additionally, the Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE), is hiring canvassers for their summer program.  These folks will work throughout Southeast Alaska, canvassing on behalf of the Salmon Beyond Borders Campaign and / or the Tongass 77 Campaign in an effort enhance community engagement.  I checked with ACE yesterday, and I believe they still need to hire 4 people.    

Please let me know if you have students that may be qualified / interested – I’ve been in touch with some – and await their letters of interest – but in the meantime, I thought I’d reach out to faculty as well.

Jill Weitz | Southeast Alaska Outreach Coordinator 

907.957.9504 |

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

May Forest Ecology Class with Briam Buma- join this fun field course!

Enroll now! We're going to head out into the woods each day and cover a variety of forest ecology related methods, including stand biomass measurements, spatial mapping with laser rangefinders, soil characterizations, explore an experimental planting of pine which has plantings from California, Colorado, and Alaska, measure canopy properties with quantum sensors, and do basic dendrochronology work (involving age-factor detrending and climate associations).  The course is 2 credits and will take place from May 11-20.

Brian Buma, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology
University of Alaska Southeast

Ph: 907-796-6410

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