bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

REAP Clean Energy Forum /Geog internships

The Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) has detailed it's hydrokinetic and tidal power forum.  It's in Anchorage but is also available as a webinar.

REAP November Forum
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This may be of interest to Geog and Envs students.


GoEco is providing global volunteering opportunities for university students, faculty, and staff of Geography.

Volunteers can choose from a variety of placements focusing on research and data collection, environmental conservation, and community development initiatives; using their knowledge and skills to provide a personal contribution. The South Africa – Great White Shark Conservation program involves daily expeditions on a shark cage diving boat where you will come face to face with the awesome creature while working with a team of professional marine biologists. If you prefer to work on dry land, register for the Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage. Volunteers will work on numerous projects including animal rehabilitation, public education, nature conservation, and research; contributing to a program that has a massive impact on the continued conservation efforts in Africa.  Placements in Sri Lanka – Community and Orphanage Work program will provide volunteers with the opportunity to contribute directly to numerous social and educational projects, having an immediate impact while discovering the essence of local communities.
Gansbaai  (Bay of Geese), South Africa is "The Great White shark capital of the world."  Just a two hour drive from Cape Town, this beautiful coastal city is home to an abundance of wildlife both on and off land. It's coastal islands are home to huge populations of seals and penguins while the channel in between them is called "Shark Alley", due to the densest population of Great White sharks in the world. Join leaders of eco-tourism and marine conservation by volunteering with a team of full-time marine biologists studying the Great White shark and other marine species. On your free time we will help you organize activities such as: tours of the area, horseback riding, paintball, dirt bike/quad tours, kayaking, skydiving, and more. 
Visit the program page for more information on the shark project!
Visit the program page for more information and to apply to the African Wildlife Orphanage!
Volunteer at one of the largest and most successful wildlife rehabilitation/release centers in Africa. Volunteers on this project work with a range of animals; anything from chimpanzees to baby cheetahs. Volunteers will Experience beautiful Zimbabwe while utilizing the skills and knowledge gained through their studies, making a positive impact on the delicate African ecosystem. The orphanage is a haven for wild animals who have little hope for survival in the wild - creatures which have been orphaned, abandoned, injured, born in captivity or brought up unsuccessfully as pets. The orphanage has been featured in countless documentaries and is now world renowned for its pioneering work.
The project places volunteers according to their strengths, creating opportunities to contribute to various community projects. There are four main projects that run consistently: Teaching Project, Orphanage Project, Construction Project, and the Woman's Shelter. Volunteers play an integral role regardless of their placement and are invaluable to the success of the programs. Discover the fantastic culture of Sri Lanka, from its enigmatic people to its delicious local cuisine. A fun filled introduction week is your gateway to an authentic Sri Lankan experience, allowing you to experience the real Sri Lanka for all its cultural beauty and magic.
Visit the program page for more information on the Orphanage and Community Work program!
Programs Include:
● Accommodations
● Full board
● Full pre-departure & in-country assistance, training, and support
Volunteer Feedback
Jeff, a GoEco volunteer at the Great White Shark Conservation project, wrote a post on our volunteer blog about his experience in South Africa.  Here's an excerpt:
"This project helped me understand the biodiversity of the oceans and the Great White Shark, dispelling my fear of sharks.  It helped me decide that I need to help save our seas. The oceans and its inhabitants are being dramatically impacted by human activity including pollution, global warming and over-fishing. Please help save the oceans!
Read Jeff's story on the GoEco Blog
Project Updates and Exciting News
Like GoEco's fan page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for exciting updates and promotions! Also head over to our GoEco Blog to read posts by our volunteers about their personal experiences or check out exciting project and volunteer video's on our YouTube Channel.

Happy volunteering,
The GoEco Team
US Tel: +1 (917) 477-3931
UK Tel: +44 (20) 8133-8041

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