bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
  Welcome to "Opportunities for UAS Students in Environmental Sciences and Geography.  This is a networking and publicizing tool for students, faculty, staff and employers.  We welcome postings for prospective events, seasonal and long term employment, internships, scholarships, and academic opportunities.  Tell your friends and send in submissions to be posted. Contact Sanjay Pyare or Eran Hood to submit postings.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

SCA Internships for Alaska Natives- Tues 10/23 2-4

Below are two internship opportunities exclusively for our Alaska Native students offered by the Student Conservation Association (SCA).  Evan Escmilla, the representative of SCA, will be in Juneau on Tuesday, October 23rd , in the NRSC, 2-4pm to introduce these.
NPS Academy - Alaska            National Park Service
NPS Academy - Alaska is a special career preparatory initiative for undergraduate and graduate Alaskan Native and Rural Alaskan students.
Phase 1: NPS Academy Orientation, Spring Break 2013
•         Begin your journey into the US National Park Service (NPS) with a week-long, behind-the-scenes experience of how our natural lands are managed.
•         Participate in seminars, workshops, field experience and recreational activities which focus on the importance of culture, diversity, as well as the legacy of conservation within the NPS.
•         Explore a myriad of career opportunities in NPS ranging from Facilities Management, Fire and Rescue, Administration, Resource Management and Visitor Education
•         Program locations and dates:
•         Kenai Fjords National Park: Week of March 11th
Phase 2: Summer Internship, Summer 2013
•         Serve in a 12-week paid summer internship with the NPS that may include hands-on experiences in environmental education, interpretation, resource conservation, cultural resources, facility management, volunteer coordination, and vegetation management, among others.
•         Connected with a NPS Staff Mentor who will offer advice, guidance, professional development opportunities
•         Gain professional skills and improve your Federal Resume during your internship with support from NPS and SCA staff.
Phase 3: Outreach, Fall 2013
•         Receive training and support in campus outreach from SCA's Recruiting Team.
•         Serve as NPS Academy Ambassadors by reaching out to fellow students on your campuses to generate interest for the 2014 National Park Academy programs
Phase 4: Career Placement, Ongoing
•         Following the successful completion of Phases 1-3, participants will have the opportunity to work with mentors, advisors, and supervisors from both the SCA and NPS to plan next steps, ideally actively seeking employment with the National Park Service.
Application Details:
•         Applicants must be current college students between 18 and 25 years of age, and U.S. citizens.
•         Applicants should be available and interested for ALL phases of NPS Academy.
•         All majors welcome.
•         Candidates must complete MySCA profile and Intern application (attached Resume highly recommended) at
•         Interviews will begin in October and acceptance is on a rolling basis.
•         Application deadline is Jan 18th 2013 for full consideration.
•         Contact with the subject line “NPS Academy” for questions or to apply.
Tribal Interns           US Fish & Wildlife Service
•             For Native American students and Tribal College students
•             Internships are 10-12 weeks on National Wildlife Refuges with May and June starts
•             Visitor Services and Natural Resources are primary intern positions
•             Standard benefits with week living allowance and AmeriCorps Education Award
•             Positions not web approved, standard application, self-identified Native Americans and Alaskan Natives contacted about positions, promoted to Native American contacts
•             Start online application, send message to subject “Tribal Internship” for fee waiver and receive a list of positions
•             2013 will be our third year with these positions, we expect 10-15 slots

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