bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
bathymetry survey Mendenhall Lake
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Student and Faculty Research Opportunities-JIRP

Juneau Icefield Research Program


June 28 – August 22, 2010

Under new leadership, the program emphasizes field work in Earth Systems Science – the total systems inter-relationship of field geology, environmental geology, alpine geomorphology, ecology, geobotony, geophysics, glaciology, remote sensing, meteorology, and surveying with an emphasis on climatic change.  Participants take part in an intensive summer arctic expeditionary program on the Juneau Icefield, the fifth largest icefield in the Western Hemisphere and one of the most spectacular.

Numerous research sites are available ranging from high alpine woodland to full arctic.  Base camps are staffed with experienced personnel. Participating faculty are provided with full room and board, helicopter flight into and out of the field, ground transportation while in the field, as well as having access to highly qualified field assistants.  Travel assistance may be available.  Due to logistical considerations, faculty are requested to be available for a minimum of three weeks.

College credits are available through the University of Alaska at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

We have a limited number of partial scholarships available for graduate / undergraduate, and high aptitude high school seniors. 

Student Field Fee:  $4800                    Application deadline:  May 1, 2010

Additional information and application instructions may be found at our web site:

For an immediate reply to general questions, please contact Gary Linder at or by phone at 586-822-6330

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