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Mendenhll Fireside Chat Presentation 03-04-2011

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Mendenhall Glacier 2008 -Facts from the work of UAS ENS Faculty and Students compiled by MDL Manager Mike L. Hekkers

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South East Alaska Monitoring Network for Science, Telecommunications, Education, and Research (SEAMONSTER)
Sensor network for glacier studies ENVS faculty: Heavner, Hood, Connor, and Microsoft researcher Fatland

Experiential Discoveries in Geoscience Education EDGE Prakash, A. (UAF) and Connor, C.(UAS)
Projectsin Earth Systems Science , GIS and GPS for Alaska Secondary Science Teachers and Students

Southeast Alaska Spelology
Cave Studies and Enthusiasts UAS faculty Connor and Monteith, ADF&G Love, Glacier Grotto Speleologists  Allred (K, & C), and Lewis S. Digital Copies of The Alaska Caver are available here.

Gastineau Channel Formation Subfossils (Uplifted Late Pleistocene Marine Shell Beds in Southeast Alaska)
UAS Faculty Connor and FOrmer ENVS students Thelenius, Bleidorn, Knuth, and Parks (J)

Design Discover Research
Summer 2009 Field  Science Experiences  for Grades 10-12

2009 Friends of the Pleistocene

FOP 2009web091909
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Slide show of GEOL 493 students and trip from Juneau through
 BC/Yukon to FBX

 DSE-Are you Smarter than A Naturalist?
Auction Questions 04/03/2010

Are you Smarter than a Naturalist
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Why UAS?-Faculty Edition

Volcanoes in Southeast Alaska
Karl Baicthal Connor Feb 2012-Ed Schoenfeld