1. In which UAS building is your primary workspace located?

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Anderson Building : 0
    Egan Library : 7
    Egan Classroom Wing : 0
    Hendrickson Building : 6
    Hendrickson Annex : 1
    Hendrickson Annex Extension (education) : 2
    Mourant Building : 2
    Natural Sciences Research Lab : 1
    Novatney Building : 9
    Soboleff Building : 4
    Soboleff Annex : 0
    Student Recreation Center : 0
    Technical Education Center : 1
    Whitehead Building : 2
  3.  Which UAS academic unit are you in?

    Valid Missing Mean
    23 12 NA
    School of Arts and Sciences : 6
    School of Career Education : 2
    School of Education : 8
    Egan Library : 5
    School of Management : 2
  5.  How long have you been employed at UAS?  (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Less than one year : 6
    1-3 years : 9
    4-8 years : 7
    9-12 years : 6
    13 years or more : 7
  7. In thinking about the location of your IDEAL university-assigned workspace, please rank the following according to your personal preference (1=highest)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Proximity to faculty offices
    1 : 1
    2 : 4
    3 : 2
    4 : 6
    5 : 7
    6 : 5
    7 : 6
    8 : 0
    unranked : 4

    Proximity to space for group meetings (e.g. conference room)
    1 : 0
    2 : 4
    3 : 8
    4 : 7
    5 : 2
    6 : 6
    7 : 3
    8 : 3
    unranked : 2

    Close to convenient parking
    1 : 4
    2 : 3
    3 : 3
    4 : 1
    5 : 5
    6 : 6
    7 : 9
    8 : 2
    unranked : 2

    Proximity to other staff members in your department or program
    1 : 12
    2 : 11
    3 : 4
    4 : 0
    5 : 4
    6 : 1
    7 : 0
    8 : 0
    unranked : 2

    Proximity to school leadership (e.g. dean/director)
    1 : 4
    2 : 4
    3 : 1
    4 : 7
    5 : 5
    6 : 4
    7 : 4
    8 : 2
    unranked : 2

    Proximity to areas frequented by students
    1 : 5
    2 : 1
    3 : 1
    4 : 3
    5 : 5
    6 : 8
    7 : 6
    8 : 3
    unranked : 1

    Access to shared resources (e.g. printer/copier, kitchenette)
    1 : 3
    2 : 5
    3 : 12
    4 : 7
    5 : 2
    6 : 1
    7 : 2
    8 : 0
    unranked : 0

    Other (please specify)
    1 : 4
    2 : 1
    3 : 1
    4 : 0
    5 : 1
    6 : 0
    7 : 1
    8 : 3
    unranked : 0

    Selected: ARRAY(0x1608d24)
    On Campus
    Selected: ARRAY(0x16078bc)
    Co-location important among faculty & staff
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160b1ac)
    Private and quiet
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160bc4c)
    Proximity to other relevant departments like Registrar's Office, Financial Aid.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160c5d4)
    Windows that open next to workspace
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160c6f4)
    My office needs to be set apart with the Library Director's office, like it is presently, because there are times when Staff and Faculty are communicating to the Director or myself about sensitive library policies or challenged patron issues.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160cb04)
    It would be ideal to have an obvious entrance to the School of Education with all of Education faculty and administrative staff located in the same building.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x16122b4)
    Proximity to classrooms and labs.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x16127e4)
    Proximity to Windows and natural light
    Selected: ARRAY(0x16146d4)
    A break room with kitchenette in the Soboleff building would be nice.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1614b14)
    Private space to advise students.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x161361c)
    Privacy, quiet work environment
  9. In thinking about the design of your IDEAL university-assigned workspace, please rank the following according to your personal preferences (1=highest)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Ability to hold a confidential conversation without being overheard
    1 : 11
    2 : 11
    3 : 6
    4 : 5
    5 : 1
    unranked : 1

    Quiet space for focused work
    1 : 8
    2 : 12
    3 : 11
    4 : 4
    5 : 0
    unranked : 0

    Sufficient space for materials or equipment associated with your duties
    1 : 13
    2 : 7
    3 : 8
    4 : 5
    5 : 1
    unranked : 0

    Space for personal file cabinets
    1 : 0
    2 : 4
    3 : 8
    4 : 18
    5 : 3
    unranked : 0

    Other (please specify)
    1 : 2
    2 : 0
    3 : 0
    4 : 1
    5 : 5
    unranked : 0

    Selected: ARRAY(0x160789c)
    Private offices important for staff who rank above admin asst
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160b26c)
    Space to meet with a couple collaborators without scheduling a large room
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160d37c)
    I'm in a high traffic area with interaction with students so I do not need or expect the level of quiet/confidential space that faculty and advisers need.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160c534)
    Areas that comply with ADA regulations
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160c6c4)
    Egan Library Personnel files and other Department documents require file cabinet space in both the Director's and my office.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160cae4)
    As a supervisor, it's important for staff to be able to come to my office with confidential conversations without having to move to a separate enclosed space.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1614a64)
    Located within walking distance to student services - Novatney and Mourant.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1615074)
    Ability to easily collaborate with others in my unit.
  11. In thinking about the environment of your IDEAL university-assigned workspace, please rank the following according to your personal preferences (1=highest)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Availability of natural light
    1 : 17
    2 : 9
    3 : 7
    4 : 0
    unranked : 2

    Desirable view
    1 : 5
    2 : 10
    3 : 14
    4 : 4
    unranked : 1

    Ability to control temperature
    1 : 9
    2 : 13
    3 : 9
    4 : 2
    unranked : 1

    Other (please specify)
    1 : 3
    2 : 1
    3 : 2
    4 : 4
    unranked : 0

    Selected: ARRAY(0x16044b4)
    The library has very uneven heating and certain parts are often quite cool.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1608964)
    Visual appeal of area - wall color, artwork etc, as well as adaptable to standing desk options.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x16080bc)
    Ideally, all are 1s but less ideally, you can't be productive if you are too cold or too hot and have no recourse.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160b93c)
    Ability to open a Window
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160beac)
    I am in the corner with no view, or windows for natural light and I'm fairly certain we cant alter the temperature.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160d66c)
    Comfortable for daily tasks - computer/phone/deskwork
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160c404)
    Windows next to workspace that open
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160ca84)
    A office space set apart for confidential conversation is more important than a view although I personally would love to have a natural view and light rather than a view of the library.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x160cbe4)
    Ability to control sound level i.e. close my door if coworkers conversation is too loud.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1614bd4)
    ADA Accessibility
    Selected: ARRAY(0x161319c)
    Ability to collaborate with others. If the temperature of the building works appropriately, I would not have to control it.
  13.  What type of workspace do you currently have? (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Private office : 12
    Shared office : 2
    Cubicle with a door : 2
    Cubicle without a door : 15
    Desk in an open office : 4
    Other (please specify) : 0
    Selected: Cubicle without a door
    Next to the entry door, across from another cubicle without a door, next to the "kitchen" for the entire floor and by 2 faculty who hold student meetings.
    Selected: Shared office
    Elise and I have a shared offices with a door to the Director's office which may be closed when private conversation is necessary and a door to the library with a window view of the library.
  15.  Which of the following qualities does your current workspace have? (check as many as apply)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Proximity to faculty offices : 20
    Proximity to space for group meetings (e.g. conference room) : 16
    Close to convenient parking : 19
    Proximity to other staff members in your department or program : 28
    Proximity to school leadership (e.g. dean/director) : 22
    Proximity to areas frequented by students : 18
    Access to shared resources (e.g. printer/copier, kitchenette) : 31
    Ability to hold a confidential conversation without being overheard : 13
    Quiet space for focused work : 17
    Sufficient space for materials or equipment associated with your duties : 28
    Space for personal file cabinets : 24
    Availibility of natural light : 20
    Desirable view : 12
    Ability to control temperature : 6
    Other (please specify) : 3
    It is nice and spacious. Decorated with plants and pictures to my liking. I have a great waiting area for students in front of my office.
    Even thought we are the biggest school, we do not have a true kitchenette - we have to clean our dishes in the bathroom which is disgusting. We also do not have a conference room.
    If only parking was enforced in the handicapped area and fire lanes; never has been for the 10 years I've been here. VERY FRUSTRATING when able-bodied folks park there. Unfortunately it appears it's going to take a tragedy to get this enforced.
    Currently I am parking in the Auke Lake wayside and walking across the footbridge to my office which is ideal, especially since I drive from town. However, during the snow and ice season it's rather treacherous in that lot so I'll be using campus parking. When I arrive early enough to get a parking space in the lot across from Hendrickson building it is very convenient. However, if that lot is full, I have to drive back out onto the highway and all the way around to the back loop to get to the large lot which takes extra time and gas. Additionally,when walking from car to campus, the slope of access from the upper parking lot to the main campus makes it dangerous in icy conditions.
    Window that opens. Not all of my file cabinets fit into my cubicle.
    The view I have of the "improved" courtyard is undesirable.
  17.  How satisfied are you with your current workspace? (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    35 0 NA
    Very satisfied : 9
    Somewhat satisfied : 13
    Neutral : 4
    Somewhat dissatisfied : 4
    Very dissatisfied : 5
    Selected: Neutral
    The space wouldn't be bad if people who are frequently on conference calls or have meetings have more of their own space instead of being in a shared one.
    Selected: Very satisfied
    The only thing left to be desired is natural light.
    Selected: Very dissatisfied
    You can hear everyone's conversations. Very disruptive. No place to hang a coat. No control of the temperature It's either too hot or too cold. Very rarely is it an acceptable temperature. No place to hold a department meeting or audio conference
    Selected: Somewhat satisfied
    I'm fairly comfortable where I am but feel bad for the faculty and advisers who do not have appropriate private offices or with offices with no windows.
    Selected: Somewhat dissatisfied
    My glassed-in office space looks out over the Writing Center where I spend most of my time. I have no complaints about my office per se, but the Writing Center is busy and should be assigned a bigger and better space in any major reconfiguration.
    Selected: Somewhat dissatisfied
    We weren't given any real choice; we were told what we were getting and had to adapt.
    Selected: Somewhat satisfied
    My primary dissatisfaction is with the temperature control of the building as a whole. There's a floor vent in my office which constantly blows out cold air. The people located in the open area outside of my office are cold in the winter and have to use space heaters to keep warm. The same is true of the education faculty area of HA. Additionally, the whole building smells of mold.
    Selected: Very dissatisfied
    No ability to hold a confidential conversation without being overheard.
    Selected: Somewhat satisfied
    My work group is fragmented. Would love to be more co-located.
  19.  How much of the time you are in your office do you spend meeting face to face with students and/or faculty? (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    34 1 NA
    Less than 20% : 13
    20-40% : 10
    40-60% : 5
    60-80% : 2
    80-100% : 4
    Selected: Less than 20%
    Spend more time with staff than faculty / students.
    Selected: 40-60%
    i rarely have students at my office area and typically go to my coe workers area for interactions
    Selected: 40-60%
    Some days are busier than others so it is hard to give an accurate daily figure.
    Selected: Less than 20%
    Not the focus of my job.
  21.  The quality that I like MOST about my current workspace is:

    Valid Missing Mean
    32 3 NA
    It is quiet and accessible to students and other patrons
    Large Windows
    I have sufficient desk space for what I need.
    That I have a private office for focused, uninterrupted work. I am able to meet with other staff, faculty and the Dean at any time of the day to discuss issues and projects. I also have enough space to layout projects and brainstorming. I collaborate on projects with faculty and other departments and it is important to me to be close to these their offices for work, meetings, and questions that arise on a daily basis.
    How much space my cubicle has and that I have a window with natural light and that opens.
    There is quiet, controlled heating and cooling environmental controls. And a sink with hot and cold running water!
    Being able to stand or sit at my desk.
    It is private, yet very close to a highly trafficked student center.
    windows that open
    Private office
    It's close to students and staff members.
    The other cubi dwellers are wonderful and interesting people from a variety of programs. There is nothing about this space that says "quality".
    It is a private office which enables me to do concentrated work or behind closed doors and is conveniently located in the middle of the department with all other offices (faculty other staff and leadership in close proximity!
    Desk area is large enough to lay out tasks. Sufficient cabinets for manuals and resource materials.
    quite when i need it to be
    Proximity to faculty and staff.
    It's attached to the Writing Center.
    The ability to have a confidential space where students develop comfort to share more information with me. This is invaluable to the advising process.
    Handicapped parking area next to office (although unenforced so others park there all the time :( )
    An office outside the Library Director's office that is also set apart from other library faculty and staff.
    The view and access to a window which I can open.
    I'm easy to find.
    Privacy- my position requires discretion when conversation takes place pertaining to students and staff.
    Enough personal and shared space. Working in close proximity w other SOE staff. Plenty of natural light & great view.
    That I can have a confidential conversation in my workspace without being overheard.
    It has the space needed for the many supplies associated with my work & the large, ongoing projects which require access to those supplies.
    The set up of my cubicle.
    Proximity to faculty and classroom.
    Easy to collaborate. Nice view with lots of light. I've been in it forever.
    It's near the best parking lot on campus.
  23.  The quality that I like LEAST about my current workspace is:

    Valid Missing Mean
    32 3 NA
    no view and no control of the small window in my space. Also temp is an issue its not consistant
    It is a little small...not a big problem and has no views to the outside
    No privacy
    Loud coworkers in the shared space. You can't escape the sound when you need to.
    No door.
    No privacy, very limited storage for supplies.
    far from campus, students, and faculty.
    The lack of natural light & poor cell reception.
    Lack of proximity to all my staff / general lack of co-location among all staff & faculty. Lack of common space.
    No window to the outside.
    Heating system was designed for a classroom and despite repeated (and appreciated) attempts by facilities people, it is always either too cold, too hot AND too windy.
    No access to natural light. It is located in the center of the building with no window.
    I can hear everyone talking. Very disruptive. Desks areas set up so that you are approached from behind. Very BAD. No flexibility in rearranging furniture to fit personal desires without having to contact the movers. No place to hang a coat.
    no window, or natural light, tucked away in the corner.
    Zero privacy
    The Writing Center it looks out on is too small, windowless, and under-staffed.
    The air intake for the building pumps smells directly through the vent in my office. Specifically, when people are smoking outside it smells like it is happening IN my office. Also it always smells like whatever is in the cafeteria (bacon, etc.)
    Insufficient storage for files.
    The view of the library, although important isn't as interesting as a view of Auke Lake but I am fortunate to be able to walk around our campus and the surrounding areas at noon and an occasional work related errand on campus.
    Distance from some of the staff I supervise - they are located in a separate building.
    No window.
    Too hot in the office - especially in the mornings.
    Ventilation. I wish our windows opened.
    I'm not have a confidential conversation without being overheard.
    No space to hold confidential conversations without being overheard.
    Not well laid out in terms of use of the space. Not near certain key members of my team.
    Lack of privacy and the amount of noise & distractions. View of ugly courtyard.
    It's cold in the winter, and I have no door--I deal with the most confidential issues in the office, aside from Mike... :O
  25.  What ONE THING would make your current workspace more inviting and appealing?

    Valid Missing Mean
    30 5 NA
    Could be a little larger...
    More of an open space that isn't divided by tall cubicle walls. I'm the only one in my space that faces towards the door. Everyone else has their back to the door which seems like it is not very inviting to people entering the office.
    Nothing. It's perfect.
    Better temperature control and better sound barriers.
    Get good office furniture.
    Storage space for supplies (so it is not stacked everywhere)
    on campus
    Access to windows.
    A complete redesign of all offices & work spaces so the layout makes more sense. Soboleff is awkward and feels uninviting.
    Window to the outside
    Little windows for additional light?
    COLOR. Gray is Blah.
    a window/or some natural light ANYWHERE near my area. Nearest window is on the opposite side of the "technical Services" area
    It would be great if we had some sort of break room. I end up eating at my desk a lot.
    If I looked out over an aesthetic, well-equipped, fully-staffed Writing Center.
    More space.
    I think it is fine the way it is.
    Better temperature control.
    A window
    N/A- less hot
    Windows that opened
    Being able to have a confidential conversation without being overheard.
    Private/confidential space for meetings.
    A sink. (shared, of course)
    Privacy & quiet
    Floor lamps. For sure.
  27.  What ONE THING would make the overall campus workplace setting more inviting--a place that you'd like to spend more time with colleagues and students?

    Valid Missing Mean
    30 5 NA
    I can't really speak to the whole campus as I spend most of my time in the library. I very much appreciate the beauty and amenities of the library. Although my office space is small I'm often in other parts of the library so I don't feel confined.
    Not sure
    A better cafeteria and a cozy coffee shop, where students, faculty, and staff wanted to purchase items from and hang out.
    Larger break room where we can actually sit down for breaks or lunch and comfy furniture to relax.
    Visually appealing spaces
    In and outdoor spaces for meeting with colleagues and students.
    meeting spaces
    More common areas for staff - as in, a real room and not the hallway.
    More windows to the outside
    A place with healthy and delicious food to eat, to have coffee and pastries and to hang out during breaks. The cafeteria is not any of these and the new brick courtyard will not fulfill the need for a dry, comfortable gathering spot.
    We use the conference room for breaks and gatherings. If the cafeteria was better and looked nicer, maybe we would actually leave the department for lunch breaks.
    Add a photo mural of the Juneau mountains to the Registrar/ Financial Aid wall. Everyone knows they are at the University of Alaska Southeast, especially by the time they have entered the building.
    more involvement with student events, as a 'computer guy' i do not get to interact with the students very often outside of "i can't get the printer to work"
    Faculty are the heart of the university - happy faculty, happy campus.
    The only thing I desire is a better-resourced Writing Center.
    More purposeful use of space. There is a mish-mash of cubicles, old furniture, storage cabinets in hallways, etc. ALL THE TIME. It looks like we are constantly in a state of moving, or trying to shove someone into a closet/nook in the wall, cubicle, because we have nowhere else to put them. There are huge discrepencies in space. Some faculty/staff have no office space, yet there is an entire room dedicated to power tools for the art department that only ONE person has key card access to. More thought should go into how our disorganization and lack of space reflects on us as a professional institution.
    Lounge with chairs/couch where we could take breaks away from our office and lay down if needed.
    More nutritious and less expensive meals for students, staff and faculty. I used to get together with friends for lunch at Mourant but I hardly ever eat there anymore because it is overpriced and not very healthy. I no longer invite friends to lunch on campus. I also feel sorry for the student who have to. I think that this would address spending more time with colleagues and students.
    The cafeteria has a nice space for eating. However, I seldom go there because the choice of food doesn't suit me and service is not always genial. Also - it can be very noisy and difficult to carry on conversation.
    More frequent grounds and custodial maintenance.
    A nice open area outside
    Finish construction projects so there is adequate parking!
    a student union center. One place where students know presentations will be held, meetings, fairs, and gatherings. This would really help with a workplace setting because then we as staff would know where students would be.
    Less stress regarding workspace issues.
    Being able to have a confidential conversation without being overheard.
    Student Union Building
    More collaborative spaces.
    A Lawn (opps...too late to hope for that)
    More food options and pillows.
  29.  What other comments do you have about improving uas work spaces and the overall UAS work place environment?

    Valid Missing Mean
    25 10 NA
    There is no area where we can have meetings. Also no true break room. We have to eat lunch at our desk or go to the cafeteria. This means we are interrupted with work issues and might as well not be on lunch. There is no where to take a break form work!!!!
    The library as a whole doesn't have ideal work spaces as several faculty/staff here don't have private offices.
    Departments shouldn't be so split up. Appropriate positions should be grouped together in a space if space needs to be utilized more efficiently (i.e. admin staff in an open area with faculty and advisers in a place with a closeable door/more soundproof.
    I'm grateful to have the office space I have.
    Lighting always seems to be an issue. Studies have shown, the right type of light improves a persons overall feelings of goodness. Light therapy is a way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) by exposure to artificial light.
    Consistency in the style of furniture/cubicles/desks, artwork on walls, desk treadmills would be awesome!
    If cubicle environments are unavoidable, it would be helpful if the spaces were shared by those having similar functions, such as administrative staff with other administrative staff, and adjuncts with other adjuncts.
    Private office for staff who rank above admin asst, and all faculty. Conference room for Arts & Sciences. Kitchenette for Arts & Sciences. Co-location among staff & faculty (instead of being spread out in 6 buildings).
    Offer sufficient desirable space for everyone to do away with envy and space battles.
    What with converting classrooms to offices, access to staff centers for preparing lunches, doing dishes, getting water have been centralized in rooms with sinks causing noise, traffic, smells and generally disrupting work. There needs ti be a staff/faculty lounge at regular intervals throughout the campus so that someone's work spaces don't turn into another person's kitchen.
    A storage room that is adequate is essential. A conference room should be required for all office areas that use the cubicle format to allow for audio conferences and department meetings.
    Why on earth did the ability to drive through campus go away??? Infuriating!
    I only relate to my own corner of the campus most of the time. Overall, I love the direction the outside space is taking and am thrilled about the new dorm. To provide students who live in that building with on-site math and writing consultants would, in my humble opinion, be a brilliant move. I hope you don't mind my taking this opportunity to lobby for a better-resourced Writing Center. I really have no complaints or suggestions regarding my cubicle.
    A careful look at how staff/faculty are actually using their space is a great idea. Looking at how each employee spends their time, and if they need private space or not, proportionately is important. Space seems to operate on a basis of either seniority, or how much of a pain in the ass you are, currently.
    More ADA compliance.
    Only build on disturbed spaces and keep the campus setting as natural and open to our incredible views as possible.
    While I appreciate the concept of a pedestrian campus, the lack of access to the main parking lot for people coming from the south on Glacier Highway is a major inconvenience in terms of time and gas for anyone working on the main campus. Please keep in mind that in addition to faculty having their own offices, there are also administrative staff positions that also work best with a personal office. Positions that are suitable for an open concept or cubicle situation also need appropriate sound management and personal privacy issues to be taken into consideration. Our current cubicles do not have adequate ventilation and sound baffling in place.
    wifi and phone service would be nice.
    More storage space for our office area- we have very limited storage for boxes of recruitment items and schedules that the smell can be overpowering and it won't be long until someone trips and falls over these items. We may need to have risk management involved with the walk space around this area.
    We're good...!
    Faculty need to have offices not cubicles in order to maintain FERPA requirements.
    People have different working styles. Some people are easily bothered by noise and outside distractions when trying to work on important projects. A chance to have a quiet work environment would be ideal for many people.
    Please remember that we can always back up files online--we don't really need to use all this paper!! I have a stack of 20 phone books that no one wants. They're brand new!

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