1. In which UAS building is your primary university-assigned workspace located? (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Anderson Building : 5
    Egan Library : 3
    Egan Classroom Wing : 0
    Hendrickson Building : 3
    Hendrickson Annex : 5
    Hendrickson Annex Extension (Education) : 3
    Mourant Building : 0
    Natural Sciences Research Lab : 1
    Novatney Building : 10
    Soboleff Building : 11
    Soboleff Annex : 7
    Student Recreation Center : 0
    Technical Education Center : 1
    Whitehead Building : 0
    Other : 0
    Selected: Anderson Building
    I have an office and a research lab
    Selected: Novatney Building
    I work on the first floor
    Selected: Soboleff Annex
    And I do not want to move!
    Selected: Soboleff Annex
    My office in in Soboleff Annex, I usually teach in Egan Classroom Wing.
    Selected: Novatney Building
    My office is in Novatney Building and I teach classes in Egan Classroom Wing
    Selected: Soboleff Annex
    My "assigned workspace" (office) is the Soboleff Annex. I primarily teach in the Egan Classroom Wing. Both spaces are vital to my work.
    Selected: Soboleff Building
    My office is in Soboleff, but I teach in Egan.
    Selected: Technical Education Center
    Center for Mine Training
  3. Which UAS academic unit are you in?

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    School of Arts & Sciences : 26
    School of Career Education : 2
    School of Education : 8
    Egan Library : 3
    School of Management : 10
  5. How long have you be employed at UAS?  (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Less than one year : 4
    1-3 years : 11
    4-8 years : 11
    9-12 years : 12
    13 years or more : 11
  7. In thinking about the location of your IDEAL university-assigned workspace, please rank the following according to your personal preference (1=highest)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Proximity to instructional areas (e.g. labs, classrooms
    1 : 9
    2 : 6
    3 : 4
    4 : 6
    5 : 3
    6 : 7
    7 : 6
    8 : 3
    unranked : 4

    Proximity to space for group meetings
    1 : 0
    2 : 3
    3 : 4
    4 : 10
    5 : 11
    6 : 10
    7 : 4
    8 : 1
    unranked : 5

    Close to convenient parking
    1 : 2
    2 : 1
    3 : 3
    4 : 1
    5 : 11
    6 : 8
    7 : 14
    8 : 5
    unranked : 3

    Proximity to colleagues in your department or program
    1 : 12
    2 : 17
    3 : 8
    4 : 6
    5 : 2
    6 : 2
    7 : 0
    8 : 0
    unranked : 1

    Proximity to support staff
    1 : 2
    2 : 13
    3 : 13
    4 : 6
    5 : 6
    6 : 4
    7 : 2
    8 : 1
    unranked : 1

    Proximity to areas frequented by students
    1 : 3
    2 : 5
    3 : 1
    4 : 7
    5 : 6
    6 : 8
    7 : 13
    8 : 1
    unranked : 4

    Access to shared resources (printer/copier, kitchenette)
    1 : 11
    2 : 3
    3 : 12
    4 : 9
    5 : 5
    6 : 3
    7 : 3
    8 : 1
    unranked : 1

    Other (please specify)
    1 : 9
    2 : 0
    3 : 2
    4 : 0
    5 : 0
    6 : 0
    7 : 0
    8 : 3
    unranked : 0

    Selected: ARRAY(0x153bc7c)
    I need to be close to the sea water lab
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1538874)
    Quiet space with few distractions to focus on work
    Selected: ARRAY(0x153f804)
    My students are all distance. That makes them 24/7.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1544f94)
    My university-assigned workspace is currently IDEAL.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1545214)
    Natural light and privacy are most important. Proximity to people in my own department is not important, but I do want to be close to other _faculty_
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1543c9c)
    my OWN for peace and quiet!!
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15496a4)
    If I could control the heat, that would be marvelous. It is usually about 80 degrees, and that is impossible to be productive in.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15481cc)
    Figuring out by now that "university-assigned workspace" means office (or it should - if it means something else, I don't like the euphemism), it's not an issue of proximity for me, but first of all confidentiality for students, and second of all peace and quiet to get work done. (I see now, this is the next question...)
    Selected: ARRAY(0x154c1cc)
    Private adequate office space
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1549f4c)
    Quiet area for writing and grading papers.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x154a07c)
    Your survey tool doesn't seem to be working. I'm only able to enter numbers for 2 of the above questions. For what it's worth, my response to all is either a 1 or 2.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15512b4)
    a space where I could take students to do art/cooking projects.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1552d64)
    Proximity to collections (library)
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1556d54)
    Proximity to my research space
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1557a0c)
    None of these are very important. Questions 5 and 6 are more important.
  9. In thinking about the design of your IDEAL university-assigned workspace, please rank the following according to your personal preferences (1=highest)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Ability to hold a confidential conversation without be overheard
    1 : 22
    2 : 17
    3 : 2
    4 : 1
    5 : 2
    6 : 0
    unranked : 3

    Quiet space for professional writing, reading, reflection
    1 : 17
    2 : 20
    3 : 7
    4 : 1
    5 : 0
    6 : 0
    unranked : 2

    Sufficient space for professional materials (books, papers)
    1 : 3
    2 : 4
    3 : 28
    4 : 9
    5 : 1
    6 : 0
    unranked : 2

    Space for personal specialized professional equipment
    1 : 3
    2 : 1
    3 : 3
    4 : 14
    5 : 18
    6 : 5
    unranked : 1

    Space for personal file cabinets
    1 : 1
    2 : 3
    3 : 3
    4 : 17
    5 : 19
    6 : 1
    unranked : 0

    Other (please specify)
    1 : 1
    2 : 1
    3 : 2
    4 : 0
    5 : 0
    6 : 3
    unranked : 0

    Selected: ARRAY(0x153bdac)
    Selected: ARRAY(0x153c40c)
    Space for students and colleagues to work with me in my office
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1538f34)
    We need private self-contained offices, all the above choices sound like 'cubicle' options
    Selected: ARRAY(0x153f1e4)
    Space to teach online classes privately.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x153f834)
    My students are all distance. That makes them 24/7. That means I use my office a LOT because it's my classroom.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1545054)
    Natural light is no. 2
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1546ab4)
    A Bullpen would absolutely not be appropriate
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15475c4)
    I worked for several years in a cubicle in Hendrickson and it was truly a disaster. Students were very upset at the lack of confidential private space and I found I could not do my writing or grading with all the conversations going on.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x154459c)
    A full closed door office crucial, one that accommodate all of these needs. At present, I don't have the room for the kind of file cabinets I need, but the top three needs expressed here are met.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1548c74)
    Quiet and private space is necessary for any faculty member who advises students. In education, we do a lot of distance courses and we need quiet private areas to do this. If they are not available, we will have to conduct our business off campus.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x154a04c)
    Again, survey tool only allows entry for one question. I'd answer 1 to all except personal file cabinets and for that I'd answer 3
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15511d4)
    all of these items are pretty equal in importance.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x155610c)
    All of the above are top priorities (except I do not have much in the way of specialized professional equipment). I do not see these as personal preferences, but as necessary components to my job.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1556c54)
    All of these are of about equal importance
  11. In thinking about the environment of your IDEAL university-assigned workspace, please rank the following according to your personal preferences (1=highest)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Availability of natural light
    1 : 26
    2 : 14
    3 : 6
    4 : 0
    unranked : 3

    Desirable view
    1 : 9
    2 : 19
    3 : 18
    4 : 1
    unranked : 2

    Ability to control temperature
    1 : 10
    2 : 14
    3 : 21
    4 : 2
    unranked : 1

    Other (please specify)
    1 : 4
    2 : 1
    3 : 1
    4 : 2
    unranked : 0

    Selected: ARRAY(0x153bacc)
    appropriate size
    Selected: ARRAY(0x153c6ec)
    Low noise level
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1538ea4)
    Other: good internet and cell phone reception. Cell phone reception in in Hendrickson annex is non-existant
    Selected: ARRAY(0x153f314)
    Ability to have a window to the outside. Otherwise it's just a cave.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15456a4)
    I do not want to be moved.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1547764)
    Actually, I'd probably rank all three of those things as tied at the top!
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1549e4c)
    Selected: ARRAY(0x154a23c)
    Availability of natural light = 1.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x154f754)
    Having a window that opens--the university is often overheated.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x15511b4)
    temperature can be controlled with a space heater.
    Selected: ARRAY(0x1556cb4)
    openable windows
  13. What type of workspace do you currently have?  (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Private office : 42
    Shared Office : 2
    Cubicle with a door : 1
    Cubicle without a door : 3
    Desk in an open office : 1
    Other (please specify) : 0
    Selected: Private office
    And I am quite happy with what I have.
    Selected: Cubicle with a door
    the walls in my cubicle go all the way to the ceiling so it might be considered a private office. i have no windows. including definitions of terms in surveys is a good idea if you want accurate data.
    Selected: Private office
    And research space
  15. What characteristics does your CURRENT university-assigned workspace have? (check all that apply)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Proximity to instructional areas (e.g. labs, classooms) : 26
    Proximity to space for group meetings : 31
    Close to convenient parking : 21
    Proximity to colleagues in your department or program : 46
    Proximity to support staff : 43
    Proximity to areas frequented by students : 20
    Access to shared resources (printer/copier, kitchenette) : 45
    Ability to hold a confidential conversation without be overheard : 37
    Quiet space for professional writing, reading, reflection : 37
    Sufficient space for professional materials (books, papers) : 45
    Space for personal specialized professional equipment : 29
    Space for personal file cabinets : 40
    Availibility of natural light : 36
    Desirable view : 21
    Ability to control temperature : 16
    Other (please specify) : 0
    I really am quite happy with what I have
    Most of my colleagues are near, but some are not.
  17. How satisfied are you with your current workspace (choose one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Very satisfied : 32
    Somewhat satisfied : 7
    Neutral : 3
    Somewhat dissatisfied : 3
    Very dissatisfied : 4
    No opinion/No response : 0
    Selected: Very satisfied
    Still a bit noisy on weekdays
    Selected: Very satisfied
    I would not accept anything other than a private office.
    Selected: Very satisfied
    I do not want to be moved. Really.
    Selected: Very satisfied
    My laboratory, NSRL 203 lacks temperature control to the extent that my instrumentation is at risk. Too often do I find the temp in that room at 80 degrees or higher. Less frequently, as well as less threatening to my instrumentation, are periods of extreme cold (less than 65 degrees).
    Selected: Somewhat dissatisfied
    When I taught in Hendrickson I was closer to my classes.
    Selected: Very satisfied
    I have switched offices three times in the four plus years I've been at UAS and feel this is the best fit for me. If I could change anything, it would definitely be the addition of a window with natural light, preferably with a view.
  19.  The quality that I like MOST about my current workspace is:

    Valid Missing Mean
    48 1 NA
    it's bigger than what i had before
    natural light
    the view
    The low noise level, the adequate amount of space, the ability to talk to and work with students and colleagues in private.
    It is private.
    Privacy for teaching online. I need to hear and be heard
    That it is a private office for advising students and for working uninterrupted by other things that may be going on in the open spaces of the department
    professional ambiance and beautiful view
    Excellent office.
    Quiet area with privacy (office with a door). Nice view. Close to colleagues
    Privacy for discussion with students/colleagues.
    It is my own private office.
    Even though small, it's a private office that I can hold confidential conversations in. I also can keep those tools around me within arms reach that I use constantly.
    Privacy and room for conferencing with students, colleagues or staff.
    Everything. Cannot specify any one quality
    I have a private office that locks.
    The private space with a door. It's very important to me to have a room I can work in with privacy. I very much like the window too.
    The window and the door to the outside.
    My window
    Quiet with lots of space
    Privacy; ability to close the door.
    area to be able to meet with students and work with them on problems; natural light
    It has a door.
    Ability to conduct dirty and noisy fabrication.
    It's in the Soboleff Annex - a calm space, good for meeting colleagues, students, and has a nice view.
    Proximity of classrooms, students, colleagues
    I can shut my door and work alone, with only a few interruptions
    My space is private enough to conduct a distance learning class, quiet enough to work, and close to other coworkers.
    Quiet and private to meet with students, other faculty, and to hold distance (Elluminate or other) sessions.
    Anderson office - proximity to chemistry lab (309)
    I can close the door.
    The ability to accommodate project and small meeting space.
    the view
    Window that I can open.
    proximity to natural light
    It is small but all my instructional and research things fit within the space.
    It is easily accessible to students and colleagues.
    I'm close to the people and materials I work with. Also, I have a window.
    proximity to the library public areas (I can keep my door open directly to facilitate student walk in), space for adding personal touch (walls to decorate), space for plants.
    Space and privacy.
    My own space and quiet.
    the door can close
    Everything I checked for question 8
    Space to keep my professional resources organized.
    View, light, control temperature, ability to have private conversations
  21.  The quality that I like LEAST about my current workspace is:

    Valid Missing Mean
    45 4 NA
    it's too far away from students
    marginal acoustic privacy.
    the proximity to shared copy machine and printer. A bit noisy
    My space is adequate.
    The window doesn't open and it's often much too warm in the building.
    Far from parking.
    Proximity to the construction. It is loud and affects my ability to concentrate at times.
    thin walls
    Far from laboratory (Natural Science Labs are down the road a bit).
    Very close to noisy student use area.
    I do not have a nice view.
    It's SMALL comparatively.
    It's perfect.
    Lack of light/view
    There isn't anything I do not like about it
    Students can see into my office. I normally work with my door open, but there are times when it would be helpful to be here working without being visible.
    Thin walls; it is easy to hear conversations going on next door.
    the chalkboard walls
    It is far from campus and overall is not a very comfortable work environment
    Very crowded in shared areas.
    temperature is not controllable. It is sometimes like a sauna if I leave the door closed.
    It is impossibly hot with a noisy heating system that constantly pours heat in.
    Obnoxious lighting, lack of window, inability to control the temperature, limited size.
    No immediate access to a printer or photocopier.
    Hike upstairs and downstairs to access staff and xerox machine and parking
    I am next to a conference room and a loud colleague, which filters into my workplace.
    I would like the ability to control the temperature.
    It's usually cold - but that isn't much of a problem as it's easy to deal with.
    I'm unable to get things done because of the noise.
    none wrt AD space
    Quite a bit of noise from neighboring offices.
    It can only accommodate the desk in one direction. The space is tight.
    the overhead fluorescent lighting
    Often noisy.
    open room with ill fitting desks and space
    There is no natural light and there is no private kitchenette nearby.
    When leaving work it is difficult to enter Egan Hwy. north in the heavy traffic. Sometimes requiring as much as a 15 min. wait.
    No door, but given choice between window and door, I'll take the window.
    lack of natural light
    Feels a bit isolated at times.
    The lack of a window and natural light
    no window / natural light
    Cannot control temperature of my office
  23. What SPECIAL NEEDS--such as large bookshelves, locking files, etc.--if any, do you need in your workspace?

    Valid Missing Mean
    40 9 NA
    i have a lot of books...
    Nothing abnormal
    large bookshelves
    large bookshelves, locking files, wall space
    Lab equipment- hood, etc. Office- none.
    large book shelves, desk w/ locking files, sufficient work space for textbooks etc.
    Large bookshelves, desk, file cabinets.
    Large book shelves, looking files, computer, printer and scanner.
    LARGE bookshelves, locking files.
    Large bookshelves and professional and personal belongings.
    A lockable door is very important.
    None for the present
    I have large bookshelves.
    Larger bookshelves would be lovely.
    nothing but a pencil, paper, a few books, and QUIET
    locking files, large bookshelves, good desk, comfortable chair
    Carpet and new paint for the walls
    large bookshelf; one set of locking file cabinets; large desk area to work with students; enough room for a chair for me and up to 2 other chairs for when people come into the office to talk
    relative silence at times for recording audio, locking files
    Shelving, cabinets, electrical outlets
    Beyond those already listed, none.
    storage of scientific research equipment
    I need locking files and book cases.
    Reliable Internet connection and locking door.
    none wrt AD space
    I'm cool
    Large table
    large bookshelves, locking files
    Bookshelves, filing cabinets, reasonable space for one or two student to sit comfortably and speak privately, if necessary.
    locking files
    large bookshelves and plenty of space to store all my classroom materials (I use a lot of models and props).
    I work in a department that processes all the physical materials passing in and out of the library collection. This can be a lot of items (for instance a donation of hundreds of items) and also large items (for instance large maps). I need to be able to keep several book trucks in or near my area, as does the staff in my department
    standing desk option,
    My office currently has all the shelves, etc. that I need. I have one large bookcase, one medium sized bookshelf, a desk and small table, a file cabinet.
    What is special about bookshelves, and lockable files? I a lot of table surface space.
    Space for materials used in special summer program (kept in closet next to office).
  25.  What ONE THING would make your current workspace more inviting and appealing?

    Valid Missing Mean
    44 5 NA
    other than location, maybe a window
    better ability to control temperature.
    A better decorator
    A functional window that opens
    Close parking, I need to leave campus often to visit my students at schools
    mac computer
    More light.
    elevated work space
    Ability to control temperature and light fixtures.
    Having a view.
    A bit more space.
    It's perfect for conferencing with students, colleagues or staff.
    Natural light
    Can't think of anything
    Have all my colleagues closer by.
    A better view.
    matching furniture
    thicker walls so that I don't hear other people's conversations
    I like my current space
    A window that can help me keep the place cool and with fresh air.
    Better lighting
    Lighting other than fluorescent bulbs, or perhaps replacing them with full spectrum range bulbs (anti-SAD).
    proximity to central gathering place for colleagues
    Being further from the commotion
    A desirable view would make the office more inviting.
    Nothing - although it's a little small, I think it's almost perfect for my needs.
    Quiet. Sorry to keep harping on this, but it's impossible to concentrate when several other people are talking loudly.
    none wrt AD space
    A skylight
    Desk reconfiguration
    a different light source other than the overhead fluorescent lights
    Availability of a kitchen sink; washing dishes in the bathroom is nasty.
    desk and furniture that was designed to be used in an open room office
    Natural light.
    different lighting.
    It would help if I cleaned it up! Having a door or higher privacy wall would be nice but I am used to what I have.
    updated overhead lighting or natural light
    I wish it opened into a common area. This would make the office feel more secure, it would allow me to keep my door open in winter and would allow for better air circulation, and would create a space to interact with colleagues over coffee breaks, etc.
    A window with natural light
    a window
    A functioning thermostat
  27.  What ONE THING would make the overall campus workplace setting more inviting--a place that you'd like to spend more time with colleagues and students?

    Valid Missing Mean
    43 6 NA
    access: for students, to meeting areas, to classrooms, to shared facilities
    equitable distribution of good office space (I moved 6 times before landing in my office!)--altho' more shared social spaces--a real cafe, better food services with pleasant atmosphere--would rank a close second.
    Its fine as is
    A pub
    Storage for the misc. junk that gets stuffed in hallways, classrooms, offices, and every other available space!
    Clean rooms and meeting rooms-the rooms are dusty and the tables filthy
    a more comfortable coffee shop area. I would like to see more comfortable furniture near Spikes in the common space outside the library. That has the potential for an active meeting area but doesn't have a comfortable feel about it. It has a great view and could be much better with chairs and couches that would invite people sitting and talking.
    faculty lounge
    Common area (fridge, microwave) with seating for lunch.
    less construction.
    Faculty lounge.
    Having better parking and a campus that you have more than one entrance.
    More IT Bandwidth, more bandwidth, more bandwidth..........
    Ability to drive through the campus as was the case prior -- this would make it easier to spend more time with others.
    Open gathering areas like a kitchenette and student lounge "zones"
    Can't think of anything
    It would be great to have a meeting room for our department.
    Better eating options.
    A good place to eat, seriously. I never eat the Mourant cafeteria.
    natural full spectrum lighting
    I actually like the setup where I am now. I enjoy working in my department.
    Someplace I can eat, visit, and wash dishes (that does not have toilets)
    A proper, dedicated art gallery
    A faculty lounge and better food service.
    Faculty gathering place
    Less concrete outside, more green space. Have the faculty in one building, different floors for different departments.
    Adequate parking in maintained lots would be welcomed.
    A research laboratory space that is near both my office and teaching spaces.
    It is pretty sweet as it is
    Student union (student activity center), faculty lounge, accessible walk around lake.
    I am very fortunate to have such a nice office; I am definitely in the minority. I would love a few places to sit or eat lunch/snacks outdoors in a green or grassy area (NOT in the horrible bricked up space where greenery has been largely eliminated.
    better parking
    Separate areas for eating. Egan library has a great kitchen space with a table, couches, fridge, microwave and stove. And there is always coffee. It is a place where I can rest between classes. I would also love it if this space were available for use during class times so that I could do special cultural events with my students.
    an old time library room with a fireplace and soft chairs.
    Things that would be nice: student union type space with a fireplace; decent array of vending machines; not losing any more parking spaces.
    standardization of furnishing finishes
    Break rooms / lunch rooms. Right now I generally end up eating lunch by myself. A convenient and comfortable break room would improve camaraderie.
    A faculty lounge / meeting space / presentation space would be great. However, if there is a decision to be made for available funds, individual offices for every faculty member should be available before any money is spent on any other improvements.
    more offices for faculty
    More natural opportunity to interact with other faculty on campus (like faculty lounge).
    Put in a pub
  29. About how many hours in a typical week do you spend in your university-assigned workspace? (check one)

    Valid Missing Mean
    48 1 NA
    0-5 hours : 0
    6-10 hours : 1
    11-15 hours : 1
    16-20 hours : 7
    21-30 hours : 15
    31-40 hours : 19
    more than 40 hours : 5
  31. About how many hours in a typical week do you spend in your university-assigned workspace for online teaching?

    Valid Missing Mean
    48 1 NA
    when i have an eLearning course, probably six to eight hours at work
    Tough question - administrative duties far outweigh the amount of time I have to spend on classes, although I do teach primarily distance.
    none in my "university assigned workspace," but I spend 12 hours a week teaching in a classroom created from one of the offices in the department for online (hybrid) teaching.
    3 - 9 hours
    20-30 hours. I spend an extra 15-20 hours at home also.
    I do not teach any online classes.
    This varies drastically by semester. This semester I am spending approximately 8-10 hours a week working on a distance course because I only have 1 distance course this semester. Other semesters it may be more.
    don't teach online
    10 hours of teaching time are spent on campus. I do all my prep and grading for online teaching on campus as well, which amounts to the rest of the week spent on campus.
    It varies by semester.
    Currently I hold 3 distance classes per week from my office, plus additional review sessions and one-on-one distance sessions as needed. This can be from 4 to 10 hours per week.
    This semester: ~0
    fall= 1-3 spring 20-25
    4 hours/week
  33. About how many hours in a typical week do you work on your own in your workspace (e.g. for reading, preparing for classes, grading)? 

    Valid Missing Mean
    48 1 NA
    about 25 hours
    all the time
    20-25 hours
    20 hours
    approximately 30
    31-40 hours
    approx. 30 hours
    20. When you teach distance it all integrates together. Once again, you are approaching this from a residence perspective - which is disappearing model.
    20 hours
    Around 25-30 hours
    25 hours
    over 40
    8 Note: I spend at least an additional 20+ hours a week working from a home office.
    During the semester, I'm typically here 30-35 hours per week working on lesson plans, answering emails, grading papers, completing service commitments, etc. Sometimes I'm in my office on the weekends, but more often I take my work computer home on the weekends to work.
    20 hours
    This semester: ~7 hours
    all but about 5 per week
    30 hours
    25-35 hrs
    varies. I like to work at home--less interruptions, quieter, etc.
  35.  About how many hours in a typical week do you use your workspace for meeting with others --including students and colleagues?

    Valid Missing Mean
    48 1 NA
    about five hours
    5 hours
    10 hours
    approximately 8
    2 to 4 hours
    5 or less. My students are all distance.
    10 hours
    6-8 hours
    10 hours
    about ten
    8 Note: I spend at least 6+ hours a week meeting via phone or email outside of the office.
    Approximately 4-5 hours per week.
    Very little
    This semester: 3-7 hours
    5 hours
    average 1/2 hr. per week
  37.  What time of the day or night are you commonly in your workspace?  (check all that apply)

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    6-9am : 17
    9-noon : 42
    2-4pm : 45
    4-6pm : 39
    6-8pm : 23
    8-10pm : 6
    after 10pm : 4
  39.  Do you routinely use your university-assigned workspace on weekends?

    Valid Missing Mean
    49 0 NA
    Yes : 23
    No : 26
  41.  What other comments do you have about improving UAS workspaces and the overall UAS workplace environment?

    Valid Missing Mean
    25 24 NA
    student access to faculty is underrated by university personnel, but it would significantly improve service, retention, and learning, all part of the UAS mission
    I bought a coffee maker a couple of years ago and now all is well
    The rooms need to be cleaned. We need better parking for those who come and go during the day.
    I have no complaints and think it is a lovely campus. I really enjoy my workspace and like being here. I know this report is going to UAS leadership and Faculty Senate; it should also be made available for everyone to see the results. What's the secret?
    I would like to make sure that there is sufficient faculty involvement in any workplace planning and decisions.
    Keep faculty in their private offices.
    We seem to have lots of money for physical plant, bricks, paving, etc. - but we can't get enough resources to conduct proper on-line teaching, sufficient IT resources, a lack of sufficient bandwidth, lack of sufficient support.
    It would be hard to improve on what I currently to get things accomplished and meet with colleagues, students and staff and privacy whenever needed for the same.
    Can't think of anything that would apply to me. I really am quite happy with what I have. Really!
    Some of the faculty offices are not very good because of lighting, locking and proximity to colleagues.
    I am fortunate to have moved up the ranks to a private office with a window. Many faculty have interior offices with no windows or heat controls. Others have cubicles with no privacy. The least satisfying part of my job for the first 3 years was the idea of spending ANY time in my dreary office. I hope that decent faculty offices will be a priority in the future!
    A faculty lounge would be very nice.
    It would be nice to think that these opportunities to voice our space concerns are actually effective.
    Again, I am a little uneasy about the "university-assigned workspace" euphemism. If you are seriously considering something other than offices, I think it should be called by its name and discussed that way. If I have in any way contributed to a discussion that could end up with that kind of a result, I resent being misled into this survey.
    Group faculty offices by discipline Add faculty lounge for interdisciplinary interactions
    Maintaining private offices in order to teach, work in a scholarly manner and collaborate with others is important in the academic setting.
    I'm also concerned about the classroom shortage. Teaching discussion classes in the media room is counter-productive.
    Improved communication. Better planning and support with appropriate supplies when moving is necessary.
    We really need a kitchen space in Soboleff and the kitchen space that's available in the library in Egan needs to be advertised to faculty who teach in Egan.
    the windows could be washed a little more often.
    Too many faculty are lacking adequate space for offices currently. As the number of students is expected to continue to grow, so too, should the space devoted to offices for faculty whose numbers will have to increase with student enrollment. At a minimum, all tenure-track and term faculty should have offices with doors that lock. Cubicles are adequate for graduate students. Cubicles are NOT adequate spaces for faculty.
    Each tenure track faculty needs to have, at the very least, secure, lockable, private offices.
    Faculty need private offices--even if they are smaller than currently provided. Cubicles or shared spaces are not acceptable.
    You left out noon to 2 in question 19

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