UAS Bookstore Survey

  1. Please indicate how you principally interact with the UAS Bookstore:

    Valid Missing Mean
    307 0 NA
    As a local student : 134
    As a distance (eLearning) student : 43
    As an instructor : 40
    University employee : 70
    Member of the public : 20
  3. Please indicate where you live:

    Valid Missing Mean
    307 0 NA
    UAS Housing : 30
    Juneau community : 240
    Outside of Juneau : 37
  5. The UAS bookstore website provides online ordering of textbooks and merchandise, general information on the bookstore and faculty book adoption information.

    How helpful is the bookstore web site to you?

    Valid Missing Mean
    307 0 NA
    Very helpful : 55
    Somewhat helpful : 81
    No opinion : 33
    Somewhat unhelpful : 12
    Very unhelpful : 10
    I have never used the web site : 116
  7. How do you usually buy your text books?

    Valid Missing Mean
    271 36 NA
    Juneau campus bookstore : 84
    Juneau online bookstore (MBS Direct) : 30
    Other local bookstore : 2
    Other online bookstore : 57
    Whoever has the best price : 98
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I've only found that UAS has the best price for the Accounting Text/WileyPlus package.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Amazon has the best prices for textbooks, and offers the option to rent your textbooks.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Selected: Juneau online bookstore (MBS Direct)
    I wish this was comes from north or south caroline the shipping is huge.....I would rather by local but because the classes are on line this is my only way or amazon. I drop at least one thousand a semester on books and its too bad the money could not stay here local.
    Selected: Juneau online bookstore (MBS Direct)
    Students in my classes order online and rent them electronically
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    My students prefer online
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    This is not really relevant for me... I am an instructor and told to use MBS since most of my students live outside of Juneau. I don't need a physical bookstore in that sense
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I use amazon the most as they have cheap and used books.
    I am not a student who needs text books.  But if I was, I would probably buy them at the U Book Store.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    As an instructor, I usually purchase books not available at the bookstore, or receive desk copies of books I use.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    the one time i tried to buy a required coursebook at the juneau campus store, it was out of stock, and i was told to wait two weeks.
    Selected: Juneau online bookstore (MBS Direct)
    I compare prices but usually find that MBS Direct has the best prices and thanks to the class specific links I can make sure I get the correct items.
    I order books for my classes through the bookstore
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    If i cannot afford the prices.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I also buy my textbooks through MBS Direct, especially for all my distance classes.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    If I am taking classes, which I haven't for a while!
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I also tend to check local libraries first unless it's a book of literature then I buy it.  
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    try bookstore first - local business
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    a lot less expensive to order from ebay,, or amazon
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I'm not a student, but have, on occasion, purchased a text book for personal use.
    Do not purchase textbooks.  As a faculty member I use both the local and MBS Direct stores for my students.  I interact and receive valuable information from the Juneau bookstore personnel.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    The UAS bookstore's used textbooks usually cost twice what you can get them for online. And when it comes to a difference of a couple hundred dollars for a semester's worth of books, I can't waste the money on supporting a smaller business when I have to buy groceries.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I rarely need textbooks at this stage.
    As a student I use MBS Direct associated with whichever campus is offering the class ... I also use CourseSmart if the book is available electronically
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I always check with the bookstore website first to compare prices.  When they are reasonable, I purchase from the bookstore.  My next step is to check online MBS, then other online vendors.
    I do not buy textbooks.
    I don't buy textbooks.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    But that's because I always buy my textbooks a bit late for online stores to ship it to me on time.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    MBS is a complete ripoff and charges ridiculous amounts for shipping. The local bookstore is a ripoff as well. Other than last minute book purchases for late registration I have no idea why anyone would buy their books there, especially used books.
    I have not bought text books in Juneau. I'm not sure how my son bought his. Some were new and some were used.
    not applicable
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I buy it from the cheapest website. I even started renting them online.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    The bookstore rips me off and charges a ridiculous amount of money. I will never buy my books there if I can help it.
    I don't purchase textbooks.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I usually use Amazon or Half Price books,they are more than half the price of what the bookstore charges and they accept decent returns.
    not a student, do not purchase text books
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Other online store, because they almost ALWAYS have the best price.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Amazon is my go-to for all the books I need for class.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I also recommend to my students (unless they depend on FinAid for books) to look around for the best price.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I have used the Juneau online bookstore, too.
    I don't buy textbooks.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Prices are outrageous and the whole system is designed to artificially inflate the cost of the text books while releases new books every year with very small changes ensuring that students are forced to spend, spend, spend.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I usually buy from
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I never do buyback either. I always get a better price if I sell them myself.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I purchase desk copies for faculty from the Juneau campus bookstore.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Generally less expensive through
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I am not currently a student so I am not buying textbooks.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    usually check friends of the library first, then amazon; usually the prices are cheaper and shipping is usually free.  Textbooks, even used ones are generally more expensive at the bookstore.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Not worth it any more to buy from UAS book store
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    It is ALWAYS cheaper to find books online. However, shipping makes the process a little more unreliable than buying them at the bookstore, where books are far more expensive.
    N/A - Instructor
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Competitive prices are sincerely important when considering where to purchase--but this includes shipping and time! If the books aren't here on time, you end up paying the higher price for convenience. Being able to sell back books, is also a key feature for where I decide to purchase them.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    UAS bookstore is a joke
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I also used MBS Direct for Sitka elluminate courses.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    After my freshman semester, I only shop on Amazon. Incredible prices, and I was not able to sell back any of my books to the book store. They said that they were using new versions of the books I had bought.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    Only because I use financial aid, otherwise I would rather buy online or rent online for cheaper.
    Selected: Juneau online bookstore (MBS Direct)
    When the bookstore will give me a voucher I buy them from MBS Direct.  If not then I have to try and purchase them from another site where the books are cheaper
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    On occasion I will also use Amazon, but the UAS bookstore is very helpful for last-minute textbook purchases, especially when online orders are running late or get canceled.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Amazon is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than this bookstore. I only use the store when extremely deaperate. This bookstore over prices absolutely everythig which is horribly inconvenient for a student on a budget.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Better prices online then at bookstore
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    mostly buy from (online version of textbooks)
    I am an instructor so I don't usually purchase textbooks.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Typically use Amazon.  The prices are better and the UAS bookstore rarely has what I need for the MPA program.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    The bookstore's prices are usually much higher than everywhere else. The only time I buy books from the bookstore is if someone gave me a gift certificate or I need the book immediately and can't wait for it to ship.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    As an instructor, I don't purchase the text books I use.  My students are predominately distance students and while I encourage my students to use mbsdirect, I know that any number of them use alternate vendors.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    The Juneau campus bookstore rarely has the best price on the market for bigger textbooks - for science classes, for example
    I'm a teacher.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I usually rent my textbooks online.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    The bookstore is a ripoff. They overcharge everything and then give you $12 for a book you paid $200 for a little over 3 months earlier. BULLSHIT!
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    There should be a more relaxed policy on book returns at the semesters beginning.  They are really expensive. There should be a student discount for books and items in store.  Especially the art materials.  I really like the selection of art materials as well...bravo!
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I am an exchange student and it was my only option
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    My last year I bought all my textbooks from the Bookstore.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    Sara Hagen is very helpful with this.  She does her best to be precise and accurate in ordering, and she patiently clarifies every detail of the process.
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    Everyone has always been friendly and helpful!
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I mainly buy my textbooks at the Juneau campus bookstore, but also Juneau online bookstore for distance classes.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    MBS is an over-priced nightmare. I find that digital versions are significantly cheaper from the publisher websites (usually $80-$150 for ebook and required access). If there is no digital version I'lI buy from Amazon, usually for one third the price that MBS charges. Unfortunately, instructors seldom let students know about these cheaper options, which is a disservice to their students.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Unfortunately, UAS bookstore doesn't even come close to providing competitive pricing for textbooks or for buyback prices.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I have yet to find a better site to buy textbooks on than They compare all the online vendors together to give you the best price. I rarely even bother to check the bookstore for my textbooks because even with shipping to Alaska, online is cheaper.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    rent from amazon
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I would have to spend double if I didnt. I will always prefer to buy on Amazon or ebay.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Selected: Juneau campus bookstore
    I only do this because of the buy back...though I have been increasingly disappointed with the buy back rates of books. This semester, I bought books that I knew I would want to keep on a different site.  
    The times I've used the site, they didn't have what I needed.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    Amazon Kindle 90% of the time
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I use the UAS bookstore as a last resort. It's too expensive and Buy Back Week is a joke.
    Selected: Juneau online bookstore (MBS Direct)
    I purchase about 1/2 my books at MBS Direct and about 1/2 at other sources such as Amazon or other online text book vendors.  I want both hardcover and e-text version choices for my purchases of all textbooks.
    I receive copies from the publisher.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    I find the bookstore prices to be very expensive. If I can't find a better price online, I buy from the bookstore.
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    The burden of extremely high text prices is an unnecessary drag on the growth of economically productive graduates. It is not only an ineffective system, and a waste of potential economic growth; it also eats at trust, leaves one feeling as if someone is deliberately and unfairly taking advantage of students' vulnerability in needing texts to acquire education.
    I receive free copy's from the publisher as an instructor
    Selected: Whoever has the best price
    I use a variety of sources each semester.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Juneau bookstore prices are ridiculous.
    Selected: Other online bookstore
    Although for my Summer class, I had to purchase a required textbook.
  9. I use the campus bookstore to purchase:

    Valid Missing Mean
    304 3 NA
    Textbooks : 145
    School supplies/backpacks : 106
    Art supplies : 74
    Clothing : 125
    General books : 58
    Gifts : 154
    I do not shop at the campus bookstore : 48
    Other : 19
    Though I don't frequently shop at the campus bookstore
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    The bookstore is outrageously expensive. They also do not take the books back about 80% of the time. When they do, the price they offer you is always under 25% the original price.
    Selected: Clothing
    I would love to buy my books local but online you go out of state.
    The bookstore is inconveniently located.  It has a nice selection of things but it seems like the type of store that would do better downtown, also the selection is higher priced and better suited to working people than students.
    Locally published flights not always widely available
    Selected: Gifts
    I can only mark one but I frequently buy books there as well as UAS logo clothing
    I love the selection of gifts available at the UAS Bookstore. I often see locals shopping there and imagine that it attracts visitors to Auke Bay in the summer too.
    I really like the pencils, pens, highlighters, etc collections. But I just wished they weren't so pricey. I mean $4-6 for just one pen or pencil? That is ridiculous!
    Gift cards for University functions, serves as prizes
    Selected: Other
    i rarely shop at the campus bookstore, and usually purchase school/art supplies there
    I frequently shop at the bookstore for gifts and myself.  I like the variety and uniqueness of the merchandise.  Being a UAS employee, I also like being able to get clothing with the UAS logo.
    Selected: Other
    Sometimes textbooks, sometimes school supplies I am missing, and occasionally art supplies.
    This survey is aimed at students and so, most of these questions are not relevant to the rest of the community.  How does this tell you anything?
    I love shopping at the bookstore!
    Selected: General books
    I don't really see any other items besides books,
    The UAS Bookstore carries a wonderful selection of Fair Trade articles I feel good about buying and giving, and carries a nice selection of UAS logo gear and local art prints. The current location helps keep UAS in the consciousness of our "neighbors" in a positive way.
    When I'm in Juneau
    Selected: Textbooks
    I rarely go to the bookstore.  It is not in a location that makes me want to visit without a purpose.
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    Again, beat up, marked in used books are marked up way more than what they're worth and can be purchased online ( for a fraction of the price.
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    My son bought text books, school supplies, and art supplies for his art class.
    Have always been impressed with the varied merchandise, customer service and general attractiveness of the store.
    I never buy textbooks at the bookstore, the prices and returns are outrageous however I enjoy their selection of gifts and university apparel.
    They have a really fun selection of school supplies and gifts, I'm always surprised by their fun selection.
    I only buy things rarely. Walmart is WAY cheaper, for school supplies, and amazon is WAY cheaper for textbooks. Special art things for art classes are about it, except occasionally notebooks in a hurry.
    Selected: Other
    UAS logo merchandise
    Water Bottles & Mugs
    Great place to shop!
    This is a response for question 6: financial aid and agency funding do not apply (should have had a bubble for that).
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    It's a scam.
    Selected: Textbooks
    There's some cool stuff in there but it's too expensive for me.
    I purchase items for both work and personal use from the campus bookstore.
    Selected: Gifts
    I like the gift items they carry but are generally more expensive than elsewhere.
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    I've browsed but have not bought anything
    Every once in a while, we purchase UAS items from the bookstore to use
    Even though it is really expensive
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    See above comment
    room decorations(:
    Selected: Other
    I have bought art supplies from the bookstore. I bought books my freshman year.
    Great variety of items
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    The people working in the bookstore, not the student employees, but the faculty are extremely RUDE and have absolutely no customer service skills. They don't support student efforts on campus so in return I do not shop at the UAS bookstore.
    I continuously look for books through the bookstore, but usually purchase online because of significant price differences.
    The bookstore is well managed and looks very nice. I always like to go in there and it is a nice presence a face for the University in the area down closer to DeHarts. It was even more so when we had the large bank-style clock with temperature and the higher-up UAS sign. Not sure why that was taken out (or not just replaced) - it was a landmark and a good advertisement for both the bookstore and UAS.  
    I love the bookstore! I do my Christmas shopping and make most gift purchase there. I have also purchased, cards, art supplies, a briefcase, Campus book of the year.
    Selected: Gifts
    Now that I think about it, I should get my parents UAS hoodies for Christmas.
    I used to frequent the book store and really looked forward to doing so when it was on campus but once it was moved off campus it became "out of sight, out of mind" (despite the fact that it is now located in a lovely setting and filled with great gifts and enticing sundries and great reading material) and coupled with the gradual lowering quality and rising prices in the cafeteria the frequency of my trips to Mourant has drastically declined.   Add to that -- now that the campus has been divided in half re: vehicle traffic...while I used to occasionally, I no longer use the entrance on the Back Loop at all, thus virtually guaranteeing that I do not/will not get the visual reminder and consequent occasional urge to make an impulse shopping stop.  
    I do not shop there much.  Maybe once a year.
    I really like the UAS stuff like mugs, sweaters, etc.  I also really enjoy the artsy gifts you can buy there.  However, the prices can be pretty outrageous.
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    The store far exceeds the quality of local competition.  The pens it sells are the best.  My wife and I buy art supplies, handbags, great gifts, and books from a fine collection thereof.
    Selected: Other
    i only shop there if i cant find a book i need online and the bookstore has it
    Selected: Other
    I live outside of Juneau but I love shopping at the colleges/universities bookstores. They are fun!
    some textbooks
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    I will not contribute my money to such an extortion
    I love that you guys have yoga material to buy.
    I absolutely LOVE the gift selections - their inventory selector does a fantastic job of choosing quality crafts, cards, and many culturally unique and fair trade items.  Also, the electronics are great - I got my son a set of those new digital pen/electronic paper for note-taking, and a good calculator.  I get my personal calendar, and one for my student son there, too.  
    UAS merchandise to promote UAS, and greeting cards
    Selected: Textbooks
    I've never seen anything else for sale other than textbooks on MBS Direct.
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    I have not had the opportunity to shop at the bookstore since I just arrived in Juneau. I will shop at the bookstore in the future.
    I was there for a summer class and I thought it was a very nice store.
    I love the campus bookstore environment, product mix, vibe. I have introduced nonstudents to the bookstore shopping experience as well and they are happy.
    Selected: I do not shop at the campus bookstore
    The bookstore prices are ridiculous and the buy-back is at a terrible rate.
  11. Do you use the bookstore to purchase books using financial aid or agency funding prior to disbursement?

    Valid Missing Mean
    300 7 NA
    Yes : 46
    No : 254
  13. Looking ahead, what are the best things about the current UAS Bookstore that UAS should strive to preserve?

    Valid Missing Mean
    213 94 NA
    The has bookstore website is helpful in that local and distance textbooks are easy to search for.
    The giftshop- textbooks are to unreasonably priced at the bookstore.  I quit buying books there after my freshmen year- the prices always astound me.
    The ability to use financial aid to purchase things
    Books by local authors & related events / book signings
    Clothing & merchandise
    All the nice gift items in the front of the store
    School supplies and clothing with UAS logo
    local artists showings
    Having taught at multiple institutions I don't think this bookstore is sustainable.  I don't support continuing the bookstore.  In general, it is difficult to sustain u bookstores.
    Great selection of UAS gear, great art and gifts, good local and UAS authors.
    Artwalk venue
    The variety of UAS logo clothes
    It is a place where UAS items and some books by local authors can be purchased. I like the gift shop aspect
    Great fair-trade items.  Accommodating required texts for students.
    no comment
    I love the selection of gifts available at the UAS Bookstore. I often see locals shopping there and imagine that it attracts visitors to Auke Bay in the summer too. I think it should stay exactly as it is.
    It may become the primary bookstore in Juneau with Hearthside book stores closing. It is currently a nice store with nice gifts and class supplies.
    Location!!! Good, easy, accessible parking is a plus
    Its a great place to get some university clothing. However, I do not like the Ray Troll and wish there was more professional and more classic UAS logo wear.
    Unique gift options
    The warmth, variety and customer service.
    I believe the best thing about the bookstore, is that it allows you to browse through the textbooks, what items you may need for classes, many art supplies are not available locally, and finally looking for cards and gifts close by so you don't forget those special events.  Yes, many of us use the e-cards as well, but you still can't replace that special card for that special someone to hold in their hands.
    I would say the textbooks at lowest price possible. The writing tools, but lower the price. The journals and general books. The small artsy and crafty things. The clothes are nice, but I can't afford them because they are too expensive.
    Diversity of reference books and other useful student items.
    Varity of gifts and UAS Logo items.
    The many options of clothing, UAS Gear
    The unique items.
    The bookstore has a nice feel to it, it definitely provides a campus-like atmosphere.  
    The variety of gift and clothing items as well as basic supplies.
    The variety. I think it is really cool there are all the artsy stuff in there for sale.
    It always has a good collection of items including textbooks, clothing and art supplies. Their gifts are a great addition to the store. I hope UAS continues with keeping a large selection of items available for students and the community to buy especially UAS attire. I also like the idea of students being able to purchase books using financial aid or agency funding. This is sometimes the only way students can receive their book prior to their classes starting.
    Website.  Cheerful, upbeat atmosphere, school/class supplies for all subjects - especially art, ceramics, etc as those are hard to locate elsewhere locally.
    For general reading books the FOTL bookstore beats everyone.  I've not done textbook ordering, so I don't know who the purchaser has used. ( I assume the bookstore. ) Lovely gifts, though I've only bought ones there once or twice. The art supplies are very well priced.  Better than the art stores in town.
    The layout and service is great.
    location - availability to entire Juneau community - i.e. book readings and other events
    I think that the prompt and helpful customer service is the UAS Bookstore's best feature. A person is so much easier to deal with then any website or machine.
    Ways to meet students' needs.
    The bookstore is in a prime location and gives UAS more visibility to the community.
    It looks really nice.
    Textbooks and UAS logo clothing
    Fun hats, fun jewelry, great backpacks/bags/purses, and awesome university bling
    Great place for gifts!
    provide more up to date stuff and also affordable pricing
    It's a beautiful bookstore with great gifts.
    I think the  bookstore does a pretty good job, but think they could do w/o so much non-university artsy products and textiles.
    Best way to get University gear.
    An independent bookstore in a town where 2 of the 3 independent bookstores are currently for sale and with questionable outlooks.  A place where students can get a textbook immediately without paying for shipping.  
    used book buy back and sell, art supplies (no one else carries them)
    Being able to purchase UAS logo material, little gifts.
    Online tools are essential for a distance university.
    Selling books by local authors.
    The bookstore is inviting and interesting. Great logo-wear, art by local artists.
    Keep an on campus presence for students.  Allow students living in Juneau to purchase textbooks from the local bookstore instead of using MBS.
    Unique collection of gift items, art supplies, notebooks and other school supplies.
    the employees
    Convenient access to school supplies and equipment, including specialty items like yoga bolsters (difficult to find in Juneau)and imprint items promoting UAS. While less "mission critical," I believe that the pleasant shopping experience is an asset to the neighborhood and reflects well on UAS. The bookstore has a reputation as a great place to shop for thoughtful and unique gifts and presents itself in an appealing way. I wouldn't underestimate the value of having an interface with the public that conveys the values of quality, creativity, and social responsibility.
    Books at competitive prices
    UAS clothing and UAS pride type inventory
    Fair trade gifts
    I've never been there, so I don't know.
    Bookstore website.  A lot of the time the bookstore knows the required texts before the syllabus is available.  Some syllabi do not include text requirements.  Students that plan ahead need to know the required texts asap.
    Nothing, close it down and save the university some money.  People buy stuff, including books, online.  There is no need for a physical bookstore at UAS.
    Nothing. It is a dinosaur.
    University logo wear, supplemental books, well organized texbooks - when instructors don't list required books students can still locate them and purchase them before classes.
    The merchandise! There's just something about the apparel every semester that makes me buy them.
    Currently the UAS Bookstore is the only shop in town that sells high quality acrylic paint...
    Quaint, cozy colorful atmosphere
    at least HAVE one
    It's a place convenient to classes for students to buy textbooks, school, and art supplies.
    It is nice to have a place to walk-in to shop at.
    The logo promotional items (clothing, mugs, etc.) and local art. Cruise ship tourists have asked specifically about the university bookstore so it's a great place to promote both our city and UAS.
    The section with the books by local and UAS faculty
    I'm told that UAS has the best stock of art supplies in Juneau.
    local knowledge
    As I'm not a student I can only speak to the other merchandise.  The variety and quality is appealing for gifts etc. I have heard many positive comments from members of the community who enjoy shopping there and would probably access it less if it were moved to campus...I've always appreciated the good customer service.
    Give students reimbursements that make a difference. A $20 return on a $150 text books is almost robbery. Of course students shop online instead of the store, the prices there are unacceptable.
    I really like how colorful the bookstore is, as a student in Alaska there just aren't many other places to go that have the kinds of treasures they have. I appreciate their stock of art supplies, clothing, school supplies (including yoga), bags, and fair trade items. The staff is always very friendly and helpful and their location is perfect now that all the construction has stopped. I do wish they would make their new sign more clear, several visitors I have talked to get very confused because you can't see the lettering of the green part and they think the bookstore is the main campus. I would also really like it if they put a clock on the sign like their used to be.
    Welcoming environment; I'm not a student, but the services /purchases I do use have always been great.
    nice staff.
    A place to purchase UAS logo merchandise
    Staff,services and product-
    The lighting and inviting atmosphere is great! The selection of clothing, mugs, gifts, etc. is wonderful. The large size of the store is very nice. It's great the bookstore has grab and go items (pens, thumb drives, etc.)that students need for class, but the distance from main campus is not at all ideal.    
    Collaboration with FinAid so students can get their books by the time classes start if they are financially strapped.
    Availability of text books and supplies for all UAS classes. This is also a great place for the public to shop.  The gift section is a big draw for the community.
    The current bookstore has a really nice atmosphere - inviting to all shoppers, not just students needed textbooks. That boutique feel should remain.
    Preserve? Nothing. The current system is horrible.
    UAS logo apparel and other items.
    Focus on books, not hippy merchandise
    A physical location.
    Personally, I like having a physical location, a place with the particular environment and community feel inherent in the bookstore.
    I love the atmosphere there and all of the awesome gifts they sell!
    It's a connection between the university and the community. Also, it is important for students to be able to buy supplies close to campus.
    Im from out of state and I love sending UAS stuff home as gifts! I love the sweatshirts and other UAS branded merchandise. I also like the other trendy gifts! I can't find that stuff anywhere else and they are great for decorating my room and feeling at home and comfortable. I like the school supplies too although I find them cheaper elsewhere.
    It's not crowded like it was when it was in Mourant. Good quality merchandise. The exhibited art work. Helpful staff.
    An outlet for student art and UAS memorabilia
    Hip vibe.
    The T-shirts
    T shirts, etc.
    As it stands, the bookstore is a nice convenient place to get my textbooks.  I can walk in, get a list of what I need, and be done and know that I'll have my books on time.  It would be a pain in the butt to get them if it wasn't there, and I don't trust the internet.
    I like the hats and gift ideas that the bookstore has. It's great that there are some affordable items.
    Organization is very good
    UAS logo merchandise
    UAS logo items, variety of art supplies
    The general book section.
    showcase of local artwork, clothing, and well-priced art supplies
    Warm, friendly atmosphere.
    UAS theme clothing items to sell as gifts.
    Students can actually buy books for classes in person.  This is especially helpful if they change classes at last minute. The Bookstore is also a good place to buy logo wear, graduation gifts and general gifts. It is also a place that the community can interact with UAS.
    I really appreciate the selection of fair trade market and other unique giftworthy items.  The Juneau community is becoming aware the store sells more than just books.
    The 10,000 Village and local art as well as small book section.
    The options of non-book items. It is a great "gift store"
    Used books,supplies, art supplies,clothing and gifts. I think the bookstore should have some sort of a campus presence, but I also think it should maintain a presence in Auke Bay,which keeps the university connected to the entire community of Juneau.    
    been in there once
    Left-handed notebooks and rain gear. :)
    The beautiful, funky spirit of the gift shop
    Find a way to have enough text books for students
    Cut costs of books - can go on line and get the same book for cheaper, and when you buy the books back you get nothing for them might as well donate. or keep them.....
    Helpful staff
    Its location is conveniently close to main campus. They have always had books needed for my classes whenever I've checked.
    I like how you can ask what books you'll need for certain classes.
    art supplies
    keep making it easy to get textbooks for distance students
    Good presentation. Competent and friendly staff. A positive UAS presence off campus. Good marketing opportunity during the summer visitor season. Great variety of merchandise. Appreciate the Saturday hours.
    Location, employee demeanor and helpfulness, and the fun feel and decoration of the store.
    I don't know
    Having course texts /materials and basic UAS hoodies, jackets, other clothing.
    The essentials.
    Diverse selection of goods
    I have not used the uas bookstore.
    The gifts and art supplies
    textbooks and uas culture items one stop shop for campus. online
    I love the selection of university sweatshirts, textbooks, and miscellaneous artsy things.
    The wide variety of items.  These are hard to find anywhere else in Juneau.
    The art supplies are a must since there aren't many quality art supplies around town and not many provided in art classes. The free trade gifts and such are nice as well.
    variety of items
    It's nice that there's immediate gratification if I forgot something or added a class late.
    Where it is. The atmosphere inside. The art. The nice gifts. This is a really good place and what many students (and parents) first see when they show up for the semester. Please don't change it.
    the variety of books and merchandise available and the incredibly wonderful staff
    Free trade gift items, friendly staff.
    I love the fair trade items, location, school and art related materials.
    Customer service is fantastic
    Pride in the UAS concept and campus.
    Having books available on campus is very helpful. I also like all the art supplies and gifts.
    Venue for distance students to order texts/other required.
    The helpful people who lurk in the schoolbooks sections and know exactly where to find what books you need for what class
    The availability of books for classes, but at a lower prices than the current one, if possible
    Should keep selling UAS clothing, etc.  It seems many students buy books online, but I feel like UAS should provide a place for students to buy books.
    Textbooks (if they're at a reasonable price), UAS gear including hats and sweaters etc., other artsy trinkets, art supplies for art students (even though I never bought them because I'm not an art student), being able to charge your purchases to your UAS account.
    UAS focused gifts and books.
    Selling UAS souvenirs and gifts
    Good source of fair trade and UAS branded products. It's pretty limited as a bookstore, so having other kinds of merchandise is a plus.
    I love the the Bookstore provides a University presence in the community of Auke Bay. I feel like it's a community store, and not a University resource. I recommend all my friends visit there for book choices, and all my out of town guests go there as well. University bookstores have an appeal to anyone who has ever attended college, whether they graduated from UAS or not.
    the textbooks are convenient, but the website is poor and does not include the option to find out what books are required or prices for planning
    Our logo wear!
    international items and art supplies and books,
    Awesome t-shirts, whale posters, funky winter hats and the clearance section
    The great selection of UAS apperal
    The manager, her excellent assistants (especially Beth Genaux and Sarah Thrower), the general selection of books, the pens, the great gift items, the art supplies, the handbags, and the atmosphere.  If I were feeling low, just walking into that store would be better than seeing a therapist.  Don't mess with that store!!!
    It has great gifts, clothing, books--I love shopping there for these things.
    The website to look up what books are needed for the classes is clear and very helpful
    I'm not sure. I've only used it a couple of times.
    The staff was always helpful, so keep them!
    Great service and unique gifts
    I like the area at the front of the store with the products from other countries. Fair Trade !!
    I do love the variety of items at the UAS bookstore. I even bring my out-of-state family and friends there when they visit.
    It got a great array of supplies, books, and gift stuff
    Nothing The store is highly unorganized and is filled with useless things. have it more geared toward the school.
    The people that work there and resources available.
    Nice gifts and UAS clothing
    Find a different way to sell text books? Or make service so good at the book store that we don't mind spending the extra 20 dollars for a book. Service is everything!

    Maybe have once a month sells for the college students in the dorms? Bring in cheap cleaning products, food, and other things that are good for college students to buy on discount that they can use their whalebucks with.
    They should definitely keep the gift section, UAS clothing, and general supplies in tact. I feel the whole textbook industry should be renovated to better suit the needs of the students, and until that is done, the UAS bookstore will still have problems.
    The variety of items and local art.
    The combination of book and gift store - it's important to be more than just a textbook outlet.  I've been to many colleges across the country, and all of the good ones had similar combination - fine arts and educational supplies.
    Love the location and the community presence. Visual appeal
    its good environment, cool stuff, and textbooks
    Please continue to stock:  Eclectic, fair trade, and sustainable gifts.  UAS apparel
    Open on Saturdays
    The unique gifts available to the public to purchase. I also appreciate the art supplies, exercise stuff, and clothes. It is my favorite store for gift shopping.
    yoga products
    Good location.
    The ability to select a campus and a class or classes and the site specifies the specific books I need for those classes.
    I do not have enough information to answer this question.
    There are a lot of cool gifts and art supplies here, I would hate to lose that.
    The spirit of UAS and all that it stands for.  
    Need to lower prices, stop trying to make money and focus on helping students
    Colored Graphite, good pencil and pen selection, cheap price for pencil graphite.
    its location to campus
    Surveying student opinions. That is a great first step.
    Great selection! I always find cool things when I visit.
    The vibe, the excellent product selection, the relevant materials for the semester.
    The cool stuff they have
    The diversity of the products available and the *extremely* helpful    staff.
    customer service and Alaska spirit
    I like the variety of merchandise available
    The only thing that the University should preserve is the online service attached to the bookstore. I find it necessary to find my book ISBNs.
    friendly staff, great merchandice
    it's important to have course textbooks in hard copy available on or near campus.  
    Hard to find books, like the Mecklenburg guide to fishes, etc.
    Authorizing people calls in to pay for textbooks using a credit card.
    A bookstore is an essential part of a university - it is a critical public face. The UAS logo clothing and similar items, the gifts, and the general book selection say important things about UAS. Yes, text books can be purchased elsewhere, but there is an emotional/psychological aspect of the bookstore that is an important part of a university experience for students, their families, and the community.
    UAS branded items (clothing)
    Lots of cool school supplies
    friendly and prompt service
  15. Looking ahead, what changes or new or enhanced services should UAS consider for the bookstore?

    Valid Missing Mean
    188 119 NA
    The main change that needs to happen mainly involves the overpricing of textbooks. This bookstore has prices that are almost three times more than other online websites, and almost never provide a refund for returned textbooks. I'm aware that it is a small, local bookstore, but that does not mean they need to have a near 100% profit on textbooks.
    The bookstore needs to consider revamping its buy back program.  A book I BOUGHT from the bookstore for over $150 dollars was going to be bought back for $20- that's rude and a slap in the face.  I wound p trading te book into amazon for $70 and was able to buy books for my next semester.
    Lower more competitive prices
    what ever class there is there should be a way to keep the money local to uas and not the lower 48 where 50 dollars a book for shipping is added,......
    Having it on campus for students to easily access. Downstairs of Mourant was very convenient.  I highly recommend it being on campus, particularly with freshman housing being built there. It is far away and not easy for them to access.
    Better selection and branding for logo apparel, using the real UAS logo, and more affordable prices. Sweatshirts shouldn't be $50!
    ensure text books are available for students taking classes, not to sell text books to the public. the text book inventory should have some type of monitoring systems to manage these sales.
    None.  It should be closed.
    Move back on Campus....ground floor of new freshman dorm! or lower floor of Egan classrooms or k to upper Mourant adjacent to cafeteria
    More supplementary books and resources
    More of a bookstore--with books that are not required texts, but of interest intellectually.
    no comment
    I like what Sara has done with the Bookstore and feel that she should be allowed to continue providing the services she has in place. The creative gifts and display creativity help to attract the locals and tourists, and gives students a tax free place to shop on campus.
    It would be great if you could add a coffee shop, news stand and lounge area and make it a destination for students, staff and the public. It might get more traffic if it is on campus.
    expand and have a coffee shop attached.  Also more books and products to sell would be nice.
    How about a weekly e-mail highlighting featured specials, artists, or new items. Do something so that when I think of Bookstore, I'm not just thinking books.
    I feel like more students would use the book store more if it was on the main campus. I know when it moved I really stopped going there. It is just as easy to go a store to get supplies, and they seem to have a better price. I think if there is ever a student union built, relocating the book store to that building on campus would help greatly. I would like to see more done with the logo wear too.
    Do they have packaged snacks at all?  More "green" products.
    The bookstore is great in how it enhances the community with special gifts from around the globe, art supplies, and easy access to those textbooks you don't have time to wait for.
    Lower price everything! I mean the bags and backpacks and laptop bags are soo nice! But at 60-70 bucks a piece, who could afford them? And it doesn't make much of a difference when they are on sale because a 10% discount on 50-60 dollar items doesn't even make a dent. I like the clothes too but they are expensive. Same with the notebook. We need more affordable items in there.
    Prices, the bookstore should strive to make its offerings more affordable.
    Closer to campus- biggest complaint, is its to far away for students to venture too. They would like something closer on campus, maybe a kiosk
    Working with MBS to establish reasonable shipping fees.
    get some more affordable items, and sell more UAS clothing and paraphernalia
    I would like to see a different textbook provider, other than MBS.
    Would it be more convenient for the students, if the bookstore were located on campus?
    Better prices! Many school things in there are way overpriced. (ie graphing calculators for $150 when the same calculator can be bought at a nearby store for $120).  
    I wish the bookstore was on campus. I believe that majority would benefit from the move to on campus it would also bring the community on campus to be a part of it and be able to see our changes. I think improving their website so anyone could shop on it would be a great feature, items could include books, apparel, gifts, supplies etc (maybe even a sale or a clearance section). If this was available more people outside of Juneau (especially our satellite campuses) would be able to purchase UAS items including their books.
    Focus on students needs rather than gift items.  The multitude of candles, purses, decor lighting, and other non-essentials seem more focused towards the public.  Students have enough difficulty living within their means, bombarding them with pretty non-essentials in the student bookstore seems counter productive.
    Not sure.  Too bad it's not on main campus.  I'm sure it would get more foot traffic. Can students get ice grippers there?
    Lower prices would help, I would be more open to buying merchandise if it were affordable.
    I would like to see more events...
    I would move the bookstore back on campus.
    I think that the book list for all classes should be compiled in a place that students can view it without physically going to the bookstore or MBS.
    Should be on the main campus.  Needs to figure out how to compete with online sales and rentals.
    I'd like to see Admin. Services relocated to a more obscure location and a more student-centered/socially focused service replace that side of the building. I'm straying from the bookstore... the store could include more items that are needed by both students and Auke Bay community.
    No longer needed. Books are way cheaper on Amazon.
    More Ray Troll/UAS designs on clothing. Also, more student/teacher artworks should be displayed here, for sale or otherwise.
    The location of the bookstore should be on campus. The site of the bookstore should serve the greater community. Locating the bookstore on campus would help create more of a university feel where there is currently not.
    Just bring the prices down a little
    less and less graphics because us online students have a very very SLOW internet services.
    The bookstore prices are incredibly expensive.  It would be nice to see other more Alaskan things in there too along with some of the fair trade stuff.  Also, as an MPA student, it would be nice to have the MPA textbooks available at the bookstore instead of through MBS Direct (especially because I think there are a lot of local people who do the program and that could also entice them to look around the bookstore and maybe buy stuff).
    Move it back on the main campus.  Too out of the way to get to very often.
    Outsource textbook piece to utilize more efficient online textbook sales and delivery (possibly with campus bookstore as a pickup location), maintain small inventory of general books, UAS merch and gift items in a physical store with a secondary service like coffee shop.
    less kitsch
    Focus should be on financial sustainability. Students should be asked to pay higher fees or tuition for additional services, especially those services consumed by a minority of student body.
    The UAS Bookstore should first and foremost offer items required of students, books, school supplies, and UAS clothing and promo items and be accessible to students - i.e. ON CAMPUS!! Secondly, the UAS bookstore should promote UAS. It is a place where students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the community purchase items that align with the mission of UAS and promotes the UAS brand. Clothing should align with the UAS logo and Spike. Currently, clothing and promo items have no common theme and are all over the place - new logos, new graphics, and the Troll art. This varied approach only serves to dilute the overall UAS brand. Lastly, the UAS bookstore should highlight the work of our faculty.
    More centralized location that is still accessible by the public. Perhaps a kiosk for purchasing MBS Direct books, especially for students taking both face-to-face and eLearning courses. Perhaps some signature product, besides logo-wear, uniquely associated with UAS and not available anywhere else (akin to Cougar Gold cheese at WSU). UAA has a "Books on Bed" service. How cool is that? (
    Cheaper used textbooks and it would also be nice if they sold other inexpensive used general books, such as novels, etc.
    On a functional level I think providing a small on-site location, even a kiosk in or near the classroom wing for basic supplies would be helpful to students. If they have to go off campus for a pen they're just as likely to go to Fred Meyer at this point. Given all the online ordering options for books, providing textbooks might be a diminishing need. On the other hand it could be awkward for incoming students who haven't yet established their residence to receive books through the mail in a timely way. I'm curious to hear what current students think and hope we will be guided primarily by their concerns and interests. Ultimately, the bookstore should serve the needs of the UAS community, students above all. (But I still really enjoy shopping there!)
    Selling tickets for Juneau events will get people in the bookstore.  Art receptions are a good idea.  Book readings.  Highlight UA literature (probably already do)
    Don't know.
    Either offer an online only bookstore with shipping or move the bookstore to main campus.  If the bookstore is on main campus, in the 15 minutes I have between classes, I will be more likely to look at UAS swag and consider buying some stuff.  :)
    None. Students buy there books through other less expensive online services.
    keep a bookstore on campus :)
    online marketplace as opposed to "buy back" and selling used.
    The buy books back could be a bit organized and a bit more friendly. I know the stresses and the busyness of final weeks are, but when I try to return my books, I feel as if I'm being a burden on the worker. And the organization of the paperwork and looking up if the book is still being used...took them 15 minutes to check if a certain textbook was returning the next semester. Attitude towards customers and organization is the only problems I've encountered.
    The UAS bookstore does not represent the university as one would expect. Items and articles of clothing bearing the UAS Learn, Engage, Change logo are few and far between. More of this kind of thing could enhance the feeling of being part of a team and assist in efforts for increased student retainment.
    I do know what you're thinking (I think).  Don't completely get rid of the bookstore.  Consolidating that part of campus (bookstore and admin services) somehow onto the "main" part of campus would be beneficial in the future, which probably means more construction...but I would see why UAS wants out of that current complex.  Maybe a NEW BUILDING would help with this and office/classroom space issues.
    Online books and physical book selling.
    Most students will continue to buy textbooks online as it is considerably cheaper to do so.
    Renting the textbooks and matching prices to online stores.
    If the future is electronic text books, how will the bookstore fit into the picture?
    software And hardware
    Don't have any merchandising ideas other than situating a book club there or readings etc.  With the possibility that we might be losing a bookstore in the valley am wondering if there might be some opportunity for selling more recreational books
    It would be nice to be able to rent books over the course of a semester but I can't think of much else.
    Cheaper school supplies. Moving on campus would be nice, or have a mini school supply only outlet on main campus.
    The location of the bookstore is not convenient for students. The roundabout construction made walking to/from the bookstore dangerous. When/If we get a Student Union building on campus - I'd love to see the bookstore relocated inside the Union. I'd like to see UAS clothing sold at Fred Meyer or Walmart, like you see in college towns across the U.S. Not only might this be more convenient for students, but it's great advertising to the community. I'd also love to be able to purchase UAS brand items (clothing, mugs, etc.) online at a well-designed easy to use website. This would be a great option for prospective students or parents/alumni living out of town who'd like to get some UAS logo items for themselves or as gifts.            
    Less knick knacks, what is that all about?
    Perhaps consider a small, off-campus cafe/coffee shop attached to the bookstore.
    It would be great for the bookstore to be strategically located and have enough space for small venue events - readings, art  exhibitions, receptions, maybe even poetry or musical performance.
    Burn it down and say ten hail mary's.
    The general impression I have made of the UAS bookstore is that it's focus has first and foremost been a giftshop, and second a bookstore. I would like to see more focus on the actual purpose of this bookstore, instead of jewelry and dreamcatchers, or whatever hippy merchandise takes up the majority of the front space, rather than going through a giftshop to find books in the far back corner with shitty lighting. Also, the location is damned inconvenient, walking from campus all the way down to the store is a bit inconsiderate to carless students who do not live on campus.
    Expand the selection of non textbook materials.
    I suppose we need to convince our students to purchase their textbooks locally. Are books really just that much cheaper online? do online textbook clearinghouses pay more for book buy backs?
    I feel like the bookstore could and should reasonably remain just that (i.e. a bookstore.) However, clearly students are not patronizing it enough, else I'm guessing this discussion would not be occurring. I feel like it would be shame to lose the bookstore as a physical place. Perhaps moving it onto campus would help change things? incorporate it into the proposed student union or something like that maybe.
    I wish the textbooks were less expensive. HOWEVER, I used to work at the bookstore and I know they actually lose money by selling the textbooks, so it would probably be better for them to raise the prices (if they could)!
    So, the only thing I might suggest is to have a small corner of the bookstore turned into a meet/greet area with a small barista stand. It would bring in some extra customers, leave room for book signings (which has always been hard in past years), encourage students to come by more often (especially if the coffee was cheaper than Waffle Co's!), and perhaps even be a place where local musicians could play for the store and, therefore, bring in even more revenue!
    Just a thought. :)
    more snacks or food items. school supplies like notebooks and folders need to be cheaper than wally or freds for me to buy them at the bookstore.
    The prices for textbooks at the bookstore seem to be inflated to about $50 over the retail price. This probably encourages students to buy their books from other sources. If the bookstore could find a way to have competitive prices, they would probably sell more books!
    Lower prices on books. Send this to the top.
    logo wear
    Can't think of any
    be on campus
    It's always helpful to have textbooks at affordable prices. Also, I don't see why more used textbooks aren't available. Students are poor. When I first went into the bookstore to buy books, I couldn't even see the textbook section. It doesn't seem like education is much of the focus of the bookstore.
    The amount for each book we get back; I sold a excelent condition book back and got less then half of the price back.
    Bring it to campus!  Perhaps place a more competitive price point as there are more competitive places.  Incorporate coffee drinks as part of sales.  More juneau made products. . .
    Better deals for students to purchase and receive money or store credit back for their books
    More community/campus engagement via activities or educational opportunities.
    cheaper prices on school textbooks.
    An on campus location might be better.
    A cash machine would be very nice, and I've wished Sara would carry Republic of Tea, or similar brand. Since Sara sells a lot of art supplies, it would be super if space was allotted for consignment of student art and/or ceramics.

    If the bookstore space is repurposed, something really lacking in the building is space for a quiet room that isn't just a wide spot in the traffic pattern that could be used for actual stress relief, such as yoga, taichi, meditation, etc.  I envision low light, ambient music, a tabletop fountain with comfortable seating for two or three and space for two or three yoga mats.  
    Over pricing books and under pricing them at book buy-back.
    Moving it to main campus would not only drive sales but be an available resource for students.
    Coffee shop in bookstore.  I know would compete with Waffle Co., but if move bookstore back to campus . . .
    Offer rental options.
    better service
    Please consider outsourcing online book purchases; having computer terminals in the bookstore so that staff can assist students/parents in purchasing books, or we can self-help. Please also buy all the books back that you sell; it's just not nice when a class requires 10 novels and I can't sell one of them back!
    I understand textbooks are expensive in general, though UAS seems to charge a premium. The issue would not be much of an problem if the bookstore offered even somewhat decent prices for buyback, if at all. in my six semesters here, I have never received more than 10% back for buyback. One semester I was forced to buy from UAS due to time conflicts, I spent $1270 on books only to receive $64 back, that is a total of 5% back. It is ridiculous and a legal for price gouging.
    Better hours and I know the problem goes all the way up to the publishers, but textbooks are outrageously  marked up.  The bookstore should consider organizing/operating a way, perhaps through social media, to connect students who are seeking books to students who are selling books.  Book buy back is better than nothing, but is often still such a rip, and I know that probably benefits the bookstore, but students will have better positive feelings toward the bookstore if the bookstore did what they could to alleviate the financial pressure of buying textbooks.
    It should be on campus, that would make access to it easier and more convenient for students. I would use it more if it were on the main campus due to the frequency on being here. I find it more of an inconvenience having to walk to the bookstore with it not being on campus. Bascially, I would actually go there if it were on the actual campus.
    Prices should be adjusted if possible. The UAS bookstore can absolutely not compete with Amazon or other online stores when they charge upwards of $100 for books that can be bought elsewhere for $10/$15.
    They should have a book rental program like UAA.
    maybe more sales and special events.
    In regards to question 6:  The bookstore will NOT give out vouchers to students who's financial aid hasn't arrived at the school.  This is frustrating because financial aid never shows up and processed until after the semester starts.  They make very LITTLE effort to accommodate the students.  I have only been able to get a voucher when I e-mail them the letter with the check number and amount they will be getting.  Even then I sometimes do not get a voucher. I have sent in a letter just like this before AND called and talked to the lady in charge to make sure she got everything I needed in order to get a voucher.  She NEVER responded to my voucher application.  I get scholarships and grants because I cannot afford schooling on my own. I actually had to drop an entire semester before due to not getting a book voucher. My books cost around $700 dollars a semester and I definitely to not have that kind of money to buy my books.  I have attended other schools, KPC for example, who allow me to get a voucher as long as I have proof that they are giving me money.  If for some reason I don't get money the amount is already charged to my account and becomes my responsibility just like it would if I was not getting funding.  I feel that it is ridiculous that the bookstore is this unwilling to accommodate the students, especially distance students that get scholarships and grants.  I recommend reviewing and revising the bookstore policies and procedures to better accommodate your students.  Also, please make sure your staff reviews and responds to ALL bookstore voucher applications.  I find it ridiculous that I sent in an application, called, and sent an e-mail with more information and never received a response to my application.
    Lower prices- college students do not have large amounts of money and almost everything in the store is overpriced- makes it less likely for some students to purchase items other than textbooks.
    You may make money off renting books because students already to it from places outside of Juneau. It doesn't really both me, but it seems kind of silly that it isn't located on the main campus. Is this to try to make money off non UAS customers? If so it seems like the students should be the priority. If you want to but a pen or a notebook in between classes you have to spend 20 minutes walking there and back currently.
    I don't know
    Having the basic tests, class materials and UAS gear. Simple, efficient.
    Too much other "stuff" in the current bookstore.  It's mind boggling, a distraction.
    Pricea! Prices! Prices! Lower them and stop over pricing us on books! We are not rich.
    you need to be sure that the correct books for all classes are actually listed for the classes.
    less expensive books
    a better being there experience online
    I think that they need to cut down on the prices of things. I know that it's high quality stuff but it's way too expensive. I would like to see more artwork!
    Better Location.  Lower prices to fit a university student's budget.
    NEW MANAGEMENT/EMPLOYEES. Stop ripping students off and give them more money back for their used books, and treat students with respect a CLIENT deserves.
    Price, price, price. When books can be found at a fraction of the cost through amazon &, it's a no-brainer as a student who plans ahead to order online. Especially on used books that you bought back at a fraction of what it was sold for.
    The brick and mortar bookstore is awesome. I wouldn't change much. It would be nice to see electronic textbook options, and the current website is too rigid. There should be options that let vendors compete for the best price, etc. That's what people are going to do anyway.
    needs no improvement
    Textbooks aside, the prices of art supplies, supplemental books, supplies, etc. are atrocious. Why would I pay $3 for a notebook at the bookstore when I can just get a 99 cent one at Fred Meyers?
    Be open the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas shopping. More books on SE Alaska especially if Hearthside changes its character.
    Better corner the used market to compete with online sales.
    It would be nice if the books were more affordable. I'd prefer to purchase my books on campus, but I can't justify spending sometimes twice as much as purchasing them online.
    Move it back on campus.
    They should either get rid of the "drop your backpack here" box OR move it inside, preferably behind the counter - no one feels comfortable leaving their backpack lying around, especially not in the entryway, while they shop. Also I think prices for college merchandise (like sweaters) should be lowered! We're already attending the school and it feels unfair that we have to drop $40 on a piece of clothing that we want already that's basically providing free advertisement for the school when we wear it around.
    renting textbooks.
    Lowering prices to match the competitive online market.  Personally, when I ordered my graduation invitations from the UAS bookstore, I thought they could have been much nicer.  Not only were they not on very prestigious looking paper, but they had been folded so terribly that I was embarrassed sending them out.  I would recommend to anyone to make their own graduation invitations after getting mine in that condition.
    Wider general book selection to pick up some of the slack that will be left by Hearthside closing.
    Location on campus!
    I think that the concept of buying textbooks from a physical location is going the way of the dinosaur, but I do not think we should remove a "store" presence from campus.
    supplies for dorm rooms
    Help for people in low income bracket that isn't scholarship based but off of if you use food stamps.
    Lowering the prices would be great. We are BROKE college students and it is hard to afford anything in there.
    Add more merchandise to the online site so those outside of Juneau can order items. Put more pictures of the items, not just the logo on the clothing items.
    Some of the staff are very unprofessional when helping students find supplies they need: ie being rude, disrespectful, pushy, and snappy. Some customers are first time college students that have never bought books before and the staff should keep that in mind when a customer is confused.
    Don't you dare make any!  It's the ideal store in the perfect location.
    I'm not sure. I've only used it a couple of times.
    None (I'm also graduating).
    Maybe cheaper books?
    I know it is part of doing business in Juneau, but the bookstore is REALLY expensive. But, this is also to be expected for a college campus service.
    Better pricing for textbooks and buy back pricing that reflects those prices. There is no comparison when I can buy a text book for $4 with shipping when the book store wants two or three times that much and then pay back pennies on the dollar to just sell it at a extremely high price again. I don't buy my books there because I can save an average of $250 every semester shopping around and buying them elsewhere.
    I never sell my books back to UAS as their pay-back prices are so low. I get a better price reselling them online or in person. UAS needs to make it worth my while if they want more used textbooks options.
    It's already a great little store, I think it would get utilized more for buying supplies and such if it were actually on campus.
    better prices
    Should consider higher price for buybacks. $10 for a $270 textbook?
    Lower your damn prices
    Selling useful supplies for full time students. i.e. food, cleaning supplies, boots...
    The UAS bookstore should look for a better way to do the buy back system. Currently I don't feel students are being properly compensated for returning their books at the end of semester. Maybe if they ramped up their general book section, they might get more business outside of the university.
    The bookstore should be located on campus.
    Don't reduce it to just a books and UAS paraphernalia site please.
    I know space is tight, but this book store is a real asset as it is!
    Book rentals!!!
    Buy back more books
    Renting books and ebooks
    More art supplies. I also think UAS should advertise to the general public about what is available at the bookstore.
    New staff. They're not the most welcoming.
    More e-Text version availability of textbooks!  I want a choice of e-text or hardcover.  I often buy both versions of all texts available so that I have a choice.  I travel a lot, so e-text is great when I am sitting on an airplane or in a car.  I prefer hardcover when I am at my desk doing assignments.  However, even sitting at home, the e-text version on a iPad or laptop is great too when I am just reading.  Yes, it does double the price of my books, but I do not mind paying that additional cost if I am getting the extra benefit for my money.  The textbook companies should offer a more expensive version of the hardcover which includes an electronic-version.  I would buy it every time!
    I do not have enough information to answer this question.
    Maybe a used book area for students to operate, or a way for students to independently sell their books directly to other students. I know it would probably cause the bookstore to lose money, but it would help the community a lot.
    It would be nice if more of the clothing was offered on line.  Years ago I got a t-shrit.
    Commit to support for revising the current system of publishing and pricing texts.
    Please be on campus. As a distance student who often comes to Juneau having the book store off campus is frustrating.
    I would like to see at least a few copy's of the texts we use in the Power Tech classes kept all year.
    Free coffee? Invitational champagne brunch shopping events?
    Use one of the empty classrooms as a book store, why waste the money renting another building?
    Placing the bookstore at a more accessible location.  
    perhaps a book delivery system?
    No comment
    Better location
    Mainly continue on with/improve upon the website.
    move the bookstore onto the campus, it is impossible to get to between classes for merchandise you may have forgotten to bring. also make it bigger, the aisles can be to tight to move through effectively.
    The bookstore belongs on main campus.  
    Move it into the main UAS building, such as in the lobby where the coffee is made, and combine the two.
    Selling all products from the UAS bookstore online.
    More communication and responsiveness to academic programs.
    Coffee shop; feature more local retail items such as smoked salmon and local art work. I have mixed feelings about the current location of the bookstore. Need to figure out how to advertise the bookstore more.  
    Moving it to campus for easier access for students.
    More variety of books
    Giving students the opportunity to purchase books even though they have not received their financial aid disbursement.
    self service checkouts

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